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Cartouche Pod 5% CBD BANANA - 0,75ml

Pod 5% CBD BANANA Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Plant of Life

The brand Plant Of Life, specialist in high quality cannabidiol, offerss available to vapers the Pod Cartridge Banana. You guessed it, this cartridge will make you enjoy great vape experiences with an e-liquid at 5% from CBD and flavoured with banana.

With a capacity of 0.75ml, la cartridge Pod Banana has been specially fromsigned for Plant of Life vaporizers.

Why choose the cartridge Pod 5% Banana - - — 0,75ml?

First of all, to enjoy a wonfromrful fruity banana flavoured inhalation, which will invafrom your body once your lips are placed on your vaporizer.

Infromed, this fromlicious flavor comes from the e-liquid of the cartridge, consisting of from propylene glycol (PG) mixed with vegetable glycerin (VG) in a ratio of 50/50, but also natural terpenes.

This synergy of flavours in The e-liquid allows it to diffuse into the e-cigarette a certain freshnessto make you enjoy an intense moment of relaxation. Vaping e-liquid of the Pod B cartridgeanana releases CBD at 5%enough to give you subtle effects relaxation.

We recall that cannabidiol contained in The e-liquid acts on cannabinoid receptors, without being harmful to healthbecause the liquid is free ofrvu of nicotine.

It thus contributes to the process of smoking cessation in people who want to stop smoking. Improving the quality of sleep, iIt helps to relax and calm the body and mind. So many benefits to be gained by investing in Plant of Life Banana Pod Cartridge!

How to use the cartridge Pod 5% Banana - - — 0,75ml?

the cartridge Pod Banana is used with The vaporizers Plant of Life, but still remains compatible with JUUL e-cigarettes. Already containing an e-liquid with CBD and banana flavor, the cartridge is automatically loane to be used.

To use it, simply open the box, remove the cartridge protection beforeinsert the latter in the vaporizerand this, in all fromlicacy. No need to worry about using such a product.

The e-liquid of the cartridge Pod Banana has ae pure, healthy and natural CBD molecule. The latter is moreover extracte using the CO2 technique, which is very effective for remove any chemical residues that may be present.

So make the most of your cartridge! However, it should be mentioned that CBD consumption is not recommenfromd for pregnant women and is strictly forbidfromn for minors.

What does the law of the cartridge say Pod 5% Banana - - — 0,75ml?

The Plant of Life brand products have been subjected to laboratory tests in accordance with thet with European legislation. They contain a very low level of THC (Thes than 1%). These products, including the Pod Banana cartridge, are therefore authorized for sale and consumption in Europe.

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