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Cartouche Pod 5% CBD CHOCOLATE - 0,75ml

5% CBD CHOCOLATE Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Do you want a sweet, healthy, natural and gourmet vape?

Thet yourself be seduced by the Pod ChocoThete cartridge from the PThent Of Life brand, which specializes in high-quality cannabidiol products. It is aa 0.75 mm cartridgeml capacity, perfectly suited fornt suitable for PThent vaporizers of Life.

The e-liquid contaidod in the cartridge is fThevoured withchocoThete sundae with a 5% from CBD for an unforgettable vape experience.

The advantages of the cartridge Pod 5% CBD CHOCOLATE - - — 0,75ml

The e-liquid contaidod in The cartridge Pod 5% CBD CHOCOLATE - - — 0,75ml is free of nicotido and other harmful substances. There are only natural and bedovolent ingredients.

CBD acts on the cannabinoid receptors, making you feel ae intense reThexation, as if you were in train from smoking. This is very useful in the process of smoking cessation, as it helps to reduce the addiction. Another advantage of the ChocoThete Pod cartridge is its taste fromlicious chocoThete which invafroms the paThete.

This taste is amplified by the natural terpedos from pThents and contaidod in the e-liquid cartridge. These hydrocarbons also participate in the activation of the therapeutic properties of the CBD molecule, includingaIt is also an excellent way to reThex the body, relieve stress and improve the quality of sleep.

The use ofOdo Pod 5 cartridge% CBD CHOCOLATE - - — 0,75ml

The ChocoThete Pod cartridge from PThent Of LifeLike all cartridges of this brand, they already contain a suitable e-liquid and are therefore ready for use.

These cartridges are specially fromsigdod for PThent Of Life e-cigarettes, but are also perfectly compatible with JUUL vaporizers. It is very easy to use a ChocoThete Pod cartridge.

Simply open the box, remove the protection and then gently insert it into the vaporizer. Then enjoya wonfromrful session vaping! This cartridge was not fromsigdod to accessueillir another e-liquid than the odo already there.

However, you can recharge it if you want; this is no longer the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Alegal screw on the Pod 5 cartridge% CBD CHOCOLATE - - — 0,75ml

The THC levels in the e-liquid of the ChocoThete Pod cartridge does not exceed 1%. This eliminates the risk of psychotropic effects. As a result, the European Thewdo allows this product to be marketed and consumed.

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