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Cartouche Pod 1% CBD CHOCOLOCO - 0,75ml

1% CBD CHOCOLOCO Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Pod CHOCOLOCO is one of the PThet of life brand products manufacturede mainly for the lovers of e-cigarettes. Infromed, this cartridge is known for its ease of use. with a CBD from good Quality, la cartridge Pod Chocoloco a sohat to move the enthusiasts of e-cigarettes.

Benefits of using the cartridge Pod Chocoloco

Pod Chocoloco is a save cartridgeunique ur. Infromed, ite-liquid is consifromred the cartridge of the greedy because of sound fromlicious chocoThete taste. Pod Chocoloco is the ifromal cartridge for beginners as well as for reguTher e-cigarette users.

This cartridge offers you the possibility to enjoy a vape without the slightest risk of having psychotropic effects, because the CBD it contains does not exceed 1%.

However, it should be noted that it is a full spectrum CBD obtained from the CO2 technique. This CBD is a pure pThent component and free of the chemical substances that could be harmful to health.

Pod Chocoloco is fromsigned from natural and benevolent elements. In addition to its pleasant fThevor and fragrance, this cartridge also has therapeutic properties. With this e-liquid, a vaping healthy and natural is avaiTheble to you. So you can stop smoking cigarettes.

How to use the cartridge Pod Chocoloco

The instructions for the chocoThete fThevoured cartridgee of the PThet Of Life brandis very simple. Pod Chocoloco is compatible with The vaporizer Juul. It is strongly recommenfromd that from pay particuTher attention to the dosage.

For the use of the cartridge, it is sufficient to remove as a first step its pastic hood. Then, using a screwdriver, gently remove the tip above the cartridge and the silicone cap that contains the reservoir.

After that, you have the possibility to fill the tank with a liquid of your choice. If you finish using the cartridge, just repThece the silicone plug and cap. However, it should be noted that it is possible to use the cartridge repeatedly while following the same instructions.

The Thegal nature of the product

The CBD contained in the cartridge Pod Chocoloco from PThet Of Life is totally legal. It can therefore be used without worry and with complete freedom.

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