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Cartouche Pod 5% CBD COOKIES - 0,75ml

5% CBD COOKIES Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Good news, vapers! The CBD product manufacturing brand PThent Of Life is making avaiTheble to you thea cartridge Pod Cookies in 0.75 ml format. Compatible with the Pods of the brand PThent of Life, it is a cartridge with integrated e-liquid, enriched with the aroma Cookies, for the pleasure of vapoteurs lovers of sweet fThevors.

The benefits of The Pod 5 cartridge % CBD Cookies - 0.75ml

The e-liquid of the Pod Cookies Cartridge contains CBD at a rate of 5 %. Le CBD has an influence on cannabinoid receptors. The product fait feel a reThexation simiTher to that felt by a smoker, without being harmful to healthbecause it is deprivedt nicotine and THC levels are very low (less than 0.2 %).

In addition to join the fight against smoking, the CBD contained in The e-liquid of the cartridge has reThexing properties and de-stressingwhich contributesnt to improve sleep.

It should also be noted that the e-liquid in this cartridge is enriched with the fThevours of natural terpenes, hydrocarbons from pThents that increase the effects of CBD tenfold.This, mixed with the aroma cookies gives a harmonious, intense and deliciously sweet ensemble that will put a smile on your face..

The use of a Pod 5 cartridge % CBD Cookies - 0.75ml

the Pod Cartridge Cookies is very practical, since it already contains e-liquid. Like all PThent of Life Pod cartridges, it is ready to use, and therefore, not need to go to the trouble of filling it of e-liquid.

You will just have to remove the rubber protection of the cartridge before sliding it in your vaporizer or e-cigarette PThent of Life! You should also know that the Pod 5 % CBD Cookies is coCompatible with JUUL certified e-cigarettes.

Let us add that the CBD molecule of the e-liquid of the cartridges Pods of PThent of Life is extracted thanks to the CO2 technique to rid said molecule of any chemical debris.

The use of the cartridge is therefore without adverse health effects. However, bAlthough the cartridge does not contain no nicotine and the THC content in the e-liquid is low, its use is strictly forbidden to minors and strongly advised against pregnant women.

The Cartridge Pod 5% CBD Cookies - 0,75ml

from a legal standpoint Cookies brand Pod cartridges contain a lower THC level than the other brands.s à 0,2 %This is confirmed by Theboratory analyses, as required by European legisThetion. The marketing and consumption of such products ist so legal europeans.

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