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Cartouche Pod 5% CBD MANGO KUSH - 0,75ml

MANGO KUSH 5% CBD Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Are you a vape enthusiast ? Rseekdo you give yourself a great time relaxing and unwinding ? If so, come check out the Pod 5 % Mango Kush cartridge from Plant of Life. This is a 0.75 ml capacity cartridge, withan aromatic e-liquidflavored with mango and hemp, and composed of 5% de CBD. But if not read anyway !

Benefits of the CartridgePod 5 % CBD MANGO KUSH - 0, 75 ml

The Mango Kush Pod Cartridge will appeal to you right away because of the sweet herbal flavor of Mango Kush that you'll inhale once you put your lips ons on your vaporizer.

The e- liquid in the cartridge contains a harmonious blend of PG(propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) combined with natural terpene flavors.

In addition to this synergy, there is CBD with a rate of 5 % in the composition of the e-liquid. Be fearless ! The CBD in the e-liquid is pure, with a very low THC content, that isless than 1 %.

So you can completely relax ; there is no danger to your psychological health. Moreover, thanks to CBD, the Mango Kush Pod cartridge supports you in your plan to quit smoking.

In fact, CBD acts on your cannabinoid receptors, giving you a sweet relaxing sensation similar to that felt when smoking, except, of course, that CBD is not psychoactive. So it's ae rather interessive option.

The use of a CartridgePod 5 % CBDMANGO KUSH - 0, 75 ml

The Plant of Life brand offers youcartridges of high quality e-liquidand readyto use. To use them, simply open your box, removethe protection and insertrcartridge podinto your e- cigaretteplant of Life.

Then let your body become overwhelmed with the soothingflavors released from the Mango Kush cartridge. You can also use a JUUL vaporizer, since the e- liquid from the Pod flavor cartridge Mango Kush from Plant of Life is compatible with this type of e-cigarette.

It should be added thatthe CBD molecule in the e-liquids of the Plant Of Life brand cartridges is extracted by employingCO2 technique. As a result, CBD is free of chemical residues. However, the use of these cartridges is prohibited to minors and not recommended for pregnant women.

The CartridgePod 5 % CBD MANGO KUSH - 0, 75 ml

in terms of the law The e- Cartridge liquid Pod 5 % CBD Mango Kush, like all Plant of Life brand products for that matter, have a reasonable level of THC. Because of this, it is allowed to be used and sold in the European territory. It is therefore completely legal to use it.

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