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Cartouche Pod 1% CBD KIWI - 0,75ml

KIWI 1% CBD Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Plant of Life

La POD 1 cartridge% CBD KIWI is a product manufactured by Plant of Life, a brand specialized in cannabidiol products. It is a cartridge for e-cigarandtes, especially those of the brand Plant of Life. With a capacity of 0.75ml, it contains an e-liquid flavored with Kiwi with 1% from CBD.

Benefits of the Cartridge Pod 1% CBD Kiwi - - — 0,75ml

With a rate of 1% of CBD, the Pod cartridge Kiwi is the ifromal choice for beginners in the field of vape. The effects caused in the consumer are subtles; what means that it is possible to vapourize on a daily basis.

The cartridge contains an e-liquid with almost no nicotine content. from plus, the level of THC in The e-liquid is less than 0.02%. This eliminates any risk of psychoactive effects on the consumer. You will be able to vapourise freely, relax and from-stress, without fearing for your sanity.

In addition, vaping CBD is useful for improving the quality of sleep. The Kiwi Pod cartridge can also be an important ally in your plan to quit smoking. The CBD contained in the e-liquid of the cartridge acts on cannabinoid receptorshelping the consumer to rreduce its fromgree addictive.

Thend us not forgand not the fromlicious and fresh flavour of theThe fragrance of Kiwi fruit is amplified by the natural terpenes contained in the liquid of the cartridge. An explosion of fragrances.

UUse of a cartridge Pod 1% CBD Kiwi - - — 0,75ml

the Pod Cartridge Kiwi has been specially fromsigned to be used insifrom an e-cigarandte from the Plant of Life brand. However, it is also compatible with pods of JUUL. Cike all mapsuches of Plant of Lifeit contains a specific e-liquid and is therefore ready to be used.

To do this, you need to, after taking it out of its box, remove the protection and insert it with care in the e-cigarandte. All you have to do is enjoy it! the CBD molecule of the e-liquid contained in the cartridges Plant of Life is extracted using the CO2 technique.

This means that it is free of all residues ctoxic, harmful to health. However, the use of such a product is strictly forbidfromn to minors, and strongly advised against pregnant women.

Position of the law on the cartridge Pod 1% CBD Kiwi - - — 0,75ml

The law allows the markanding and use of the cartridge Pod 1% CBD Kiwi from Plant of Life. It is infromed certified that the THC content of the product does not exceed the limit of 1%and is to beThe following are some of the factors consifromreds unfromrneath. You can therefore use it without any problem, whatever it is.

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