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Cartouche Pod 1% CBD MELON - 0,75ml

1% CBD MELON Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Plant of Life

The cartridges Pod 1% CBD are cartridges of the brand Plant Of Life With a CBD content of 1% and a lower THC levels à 0,01%. They have a flavor melon offering their consumers an experience original. You You can find them at the price of 9,70€ INCLUDING VAT.

The interests of’a cartridge Pod 1% CBD melon -0.75ml

The melon cartridges are available in 0.75 litre, aromaticized thanks with natural terpenes, reconstituting the fruity flavor of the melon. By elsewhere, the’e - - — liquid used by these cartridges is a VG/PG mixture of 50% which contains 1% of CBD and 0.01% of THC.

LCBD is a molecule derived from cannabis obtained by full extraction. Spectrum It does not have psychotropic properties at the time of use.’molecule, which cause various more or less dangerous effects on the human body.’activity cognitive.

Please note that these cartridges are compatible with the vaporizer Juul.

Using planet life cartridges

You can use the cartridges Juulto benefit from’a unique experience in vaping your e-cigarette. The recharge of your e-cigarette with cartridges PodThe process is as follows: all first, remove the plastic hood; After To do this, carefully remove the end cap above the valve with a flathead screwdriver. cartridge.

You will then have to remove the silicone cap that contains the tank. The next step is to fill the cartridge with your e liquid. The dosage to be applied depends on the desired effects and the material.

It is important not to exceed the filling limit. Once this phase finished, you will have to reassemble all the parts. Generally, the cartridges Pod are fully sealed. They are indeed ready for use.’employment.

However, it is easy to open. The Juul Pods The seals are indeed easy to open. In fact, you only need to open the seal.’will have that’remove the small plastic cap just above the cartridge.

For To do this, spread its sides slightly to the side.’help from’a small point. L’L’access to the silicone cap closing the tank is then at your disposal. scope. This cap is made of silicone is very easy to remove.

After that, you can move on to the filling process.e of the tank with the liquid of your choice. Once the tank is full, you can replace the silicone cap and then the cap. In addition, it should be noted that the’operation can be renewede as long as the Pod is operational.

Legal nature of the product

L’use of the cartridge Pod CBD 1% melon flavour of 0.75ml is completely legal. CBD is in fact a completely legal product in France.

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