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E-liquide CBD Purple Haze Greeneo - 10ml

E-liquid CBD Purple Haze - 10ml

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CBD concentration
Disponible en 3 concentrations 100mg | 300mg | 500mg

L’e - - — Purple Haze liquid, is a CBD e liquid with natural European hemp and a touch of cinnamon. C’is a product of the French brand Greeneo. This delicious product is made with natural plants, and designed to offer you a good-be optimal. It is presented in 10" formatml and is available in 100, 300 and 500mg.

The advantages of Greeneo's Purple Haze

L’e-liquid CBD Haze people, is part of the large family of e - - — fruity liquids based on hemp. Indeed, Purple Haze is an e - - — liquid made with hemp, but focusing on a unique and rewarding taste experience. And this is thanks to its touch of cinnamon, in addition, it also consists of CBD.

CBD is a non-psychotropic substance. In’In other words, it does not’does not lead to’addiction and is virtually harmless. In addition, the’E-liquid Purple Haze does not contain THC thus reassuring consumers.

Purple Haze is prepared with a ratio of 60/4. This allows him to’be compatible with a wide range of’e - - — cigarettes

The mode of’use of this e-liquid

To consume your CBD Purple e-liquid Haze with a cigarette, you will have to follow a method of’specific job. For start, fill the tank of the electronic cigarette. Then, think about starting it up by pressing the endon power of the’device.

The resistance in the clearomizer ends up heating up, and this, thanks to the rechargeable battery with a USB charger of the device. Viens and then the moment when this resistance is overcome.’soaks the e-liquid, causing vaporization.

It is recommended d’use electronic cigarettes that do not have the’do not induce vaporization instantaneous d’a significant amount of CBD.

For which dosage opter?

The choice of the dosage depends mainly on the consumer, it can also depend on the material used. Thus, it does not’There is no single dosage suitable for all vapers. L’e - - — Purple Haze liquid is available in three concentrations of CBD so you can choose: - -

• A light dosage at 100mg for beginners who are just discovering CBD or who are more sensitive to the molecule. - -

• An intermediate dosage at 300mg in order to’to obtain more marked effects. - -

• A high dosage at 500mg for regular CBD users and for occasional use. It is to Note that the dosage should be in accordance with your sensitivity. It may also depend on how the consumer vaped. Thus, a person who vapedra only in the evening can consider a more intense dosage. You can consume your E-liquid CBD Purple Haze Greeneo in all legality, without worry. Indeed, CBD is totally legal in France.

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