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E-liquide CBD Fresh Puff Greeneo - 10ml

E-liquid CBD Fresh Puff - 10ml

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Menthe fraîche
Tous types de e-cigarettes
CBD concentration
Disponible en 4 concentrations 100mg | 200mg | 400mg | 800mg

CBD e-liquid Fresh Puff is a profromct for electronic cigarette manufactured by the French brand Greeneo. This e-liquid offers vapers soothing effects, being flavored with fresh mint, for unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Available in 10 ml bottles, there are in the market of different concentrations of CBD (from 50 mg to 800 mg) to suit the needs of all vapers. The e-liquid CBD Fresh Puff is also compatible with all types of electronic cigarettes.

benefits from e-liquid CBD Fresh Puff - 10 ml

Fans of fresh flavors will love using CBD Fresh Puff e-liquid - 10 ml. Enriched with fresh mint flavors, this profromct is intended to offer the vapoteur strong sensations and unforgettable vape experiences, providing relaxation and relaxation.

The CBD Fresh Puff e-liquid - 10 ml contains CBD, a cannabinoid very different from THC, considered to be a psychotropic. The profromct has no psychedelic effect on the vapoteur.

You can therefore consume CBD Fresh Puff - 10 ml e-liquid without the risk of mental or behavioral disorders. The effects caused by this e-liquid are relaxing, but without making you "high".

How to use the CBD e-liquid Super Skank - 10 ml

As with traditional liquids, the CBD Fresh Puff e-liquid - 10 ml is used with an e-cigarette. Simply fill the tank of the electronic cigarette with e-liquid or pour a few drops into the dripper.

Then activate the ignition button of the cigatte. Due to the fact that it contains CBD, Fresh Puff CBD e-liquid should be vaped at a power level below 30 watts. The resistance of the e-cigarette should also be higher than 0.6 ohms.

All that remains is to have a good method of aspiration to vapourize the e-liquid CBD Fresh Puff carefully. It is not recommended to drive after a vape of this profromct, because of the high risk of drowsiness, frome to the CBD it contains.

The dosage of CBD to choose Before using the e-liquid CBD Fresh Puff - 10 ml

you will have to choose the CBD dosage of the profromct. This choice will depend on your habits of vape and your needs. Choose a low dosage (infThe total amount of the profromct is less than 100 mg.) if you want to vapourize daily.

The effects caused are low in that case. Opt for a medium dosage (About 200 mg) if you are looking for present effects. However, in this case, you should refromce the frequency of consumption. A higher dosage (400 mg and above) should only be used for occasional, one-time vapes, because of the much more present effects.

It is important to add that the CBD Fresh Puff e-liquid - 10 ml is a profromct authorized for sale and use by law. You can therefore use it with complete peace of mind.

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