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Booster de CBD (Cannabidiol) - 10ml
Greeneo Booster de CBD (Cannabidiol) - 10ml

CBD Booster (Cannabidiol) - 10ml

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All types of e-cigarettes
CBD concentration
Available in 2 dosages 500mg | 1000mg

The French brand Greeneo offers a new CBD booster. This product, 10ml is usedé to add CBD to the various mixtures to obtain a feeling of pleasure and well-being.-be optimized. It is compatible with all types of e cigarettes and is perfect for people who want to experiment more realistically.

Why opt for a CBD booster?

The CBD Booster is the product ideal to increase experiences of relaxation. Indeed, it is used as complement at e liquids. To obtain a preparation containing CBD, the product can also be diluted with a neutral base.

This is the solution perfect to have a e liquid with an ideal flavour. It can also be Used to tis different principles. It thus makes it possible to create a infinity flavorfuls and to explore new horizons in terms of feel.

The CBD booster is stored in a glass vial of 10ml and is available in 2 concentrations with a dosage of 500mg or 1000mg of CBD. This Greeneo product made in France is equipped with a security system and a practical pipette for facilitate son use.

How to use a CBD booster?

The CBD booster a summer ideally designed for consumers who want to Customize their e liquid in DIY (Do IT Yourself). In fact, this booster was not created to be Used alone.

The booster CBD must be combined with e liquid to be effective. To do this, you can mix the booster directly in thea clearomiseur or the mix in the vial of e liquid. However, it should be noted that the mixture of CBD and nicotine is not very recommended. In Effectnicotine can considerably limit the relaxing effectss of CBD.

In addition, to avoid the need for dosages at millimetre It is recommended that you prepare large bottles for the operation. The great bottle will subsequently be separate in smalls bottles for a faster effects.

Legal nature of CBD

As of 2019, the sale of CBD has been atthorized in France only for therapeutic purposess. So you can order your CBD booster in all and take advantage of the experiences of relaxation unique that offers this product.

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