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Greeneo E-liquide CBD Candy Jack - 10ml

CBD Candy Jack E-Liquid - 10ml

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All types of e-cigarettes
CBD concentration
Available in 4 strengths 100mg | 200mg | 400mg | 800mg

Greeneo is a French brand specializing in the production of cannabidiol liquids(CBD) of very high quality. One of these products is the CBD Candy Jack e-liquid, available on the market in 10 ml and in several strengthsranging from 50 to 800 mg. Aromatized with hemp, Candy Jack e-liquid is compatible with all types of electronic cigarettes, much to the delight of vapers.

The abenefitsof e- CBD liquid Candy Jack - 10 ml

As you already know, Candy Jack CBD e-liquid is a product containing CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid that contains no psychoactive effects, unlike THCwhich is considered to be a psychotropic drug.

CBD is also derived from hemp whose virtues are essentially de-stressing and relaxing. There is therefore no risk that Candy Jack CBD e-liquid will have any addictiveeffectson its consumers.

Moreover, being also composed of a rather complex combination of terpenes, this e-liquid represents a harmonious blend of various flavors, for a powerful, acidic and sweet result.

L'uuse of e- CBD liquid Candy Jack - 10 ml

CBD e-liquids like Candy Jack have a virtually identical usage pattern to traditional e-cigarette liquids. You'll just have to pour a few drops into the dripper of your electronic cigarette or simply fill inthe tank.

Then all you'll need to do is adopt the proper suction technique and properly prime the resistor. Due to the fact that Candy Jack contains CBD, there is a high chance that consumers will feel drowsy after vaping it. Therefore, it is advised to avoid driving after vape sessions of this product.

Thedifferent strengths

Candy Jack CBD e-liquid- 10 ml is available in a variety of strengths. There are 50 mg ; of 100 mg of 200 mg ; of 400 mg and even of 800 mg. Thus, every vaper will be able to find his happiness. Lthe 50 mg is a very light dosage.

Ihas on the consumerpretty mild effects. It can therefore be vaped on a daily basis. Lthe 100 mg can be described as light. Itis ideal for beginners vwanting to test the effects of CBD. Lthe 200 mg dosage is intermediate ; it vapes punctually.

It has on the consumer rather present effects. The 400 mg isa high dosage. It is recommended for occasional use due to its significant effects on the consumer.

For higher dosages, in particular, those of 600 mg or more, it is highly recommended to dilute before vape. Candy Jack CBD e-liquid - 10 ml is a product legalized by European decree. So you are free to use it.

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