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CBD White Fire OG 18,7%
CBD White Fire OG 18,7%

Flower CBD White Fire OG 18.7%.

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CBD rate
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White Fire OG
Hybrid cross between The White & Fire OG
earthy, acrid, sweet
Very strong
Magna CBD
Sous serre

The White Fire OG flower is a hybrid of The White and Fire OG flowers. It is a suitable solution for a restful night's sleep.

With its earthy and pungent aroma, it offers a unique taste with a slight sweetness. ThisCBD flower also has a high CBD content, which gives it certain properties that have positive effects on the body.

What is CBD White Fire OG 18.7%?

Benefiting from the powerful genetic heritage of its two parents, this CBD flower is a concentrate of anti-stress virtues.

It takes the form of mini grape clusters with slightly light green leaves and light brown pistils. It is also known as "WiFi OG", short for White Fire OG.

This CBD flower variety has a CBD concentration of 18.7% with a THC level of 0.2% in the original hemp plant, making it suitable for consumption within the norm.

How is White Fire OG 18.7% CBD consumed?

The CBD White Fire OG is an organic flower authorized for consumption and provides many benefits to the body. It is best taken as an infusion, inhalation or vaporization. Thanks to this CBD flower, you can develop a better concentration.

It will also increase your creative spirit and improve your vision. If you are looking to be dynamic and more focused at work, it is recommended to take it in the morning just before you leave the house. This CBD flower is also calming and anti-stress, and acts favorably on your sleep.

It is strongly advised not to smoke the flower in order to benefit from its multiple beneficial effects.

How to dose it properly?

Just like some substances, the dosage of this flower depends on your body. There is no perfect dose, but it is recommended to start with small doses in order to evaluate your body's sensitivity.

Note that CBD White Fire OG is available in dried flowers, ideal for crumbling or grinding. It is a natural flower with many beneficial properties for the body provided you know how to use it well.

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