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CBD Sweet Tooth 10,5%
CBD Sweet Tooth 10,5%

CBD Flower Sweet Tooth 10,5% (in French)

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Sweet Tooth
Hybrid, mix of Nepalese & Hawaiian varieties
sweet, berry, flowery
Magna CBD

If you like sweet-tasting CBD strains, you will most likely enjoy Sweet Tooth 10.5%. This strain contains the deliciously sweet flavors of candy, berries, and fruits. It also has several positive effects on the human body. Find out more about the benefits of this CBD flower in this article.

What to know about this CBD Sweet Tooth variety?

The CBD Sweet tooth is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of two local varieties: the Nepalese and the Hawaiian. If you are looking for an Indica-based hybrid strain, the Sweet Tooth strain will meet your expectations. Former winner of the Cannabis Cup, this CBD flower combines many of the beneficial properties of cannabis and this is what gives it its unique effects.

A sweet aroma and flavor

Sweet Tooth is aCBD flower with a sweet aroma similar to baked cakes and candies. This pleasant aroma, reminiscent of fruit picked fresh from a tree, will quickly fill the rooms of your home. In addition, this flower has a fragrance that lingers long after the stump has been removed from the room. As for the taste, Sweet Tooth will delight your taste buds. This variety has a light taste compared to most indicas. The strong notes of tree fruits and berries are absolutely beautiful, as well as the candy aftertaste that is also appreciable.

What are the effects of CBD Sweet Tooth?

The effects of Sweet Tooth are quite numerous and these do not take long to manifest themselves. As soon as the effects of this CBD flower start to work on your body, you will feel an improvement in your mood and a feeling of intense relaxation.

With a CBD/THC ratio of 10.5/0.17, the effect is mildly euphoric and the invigorating brain effects keep you alert long enough to fully enjoy the benefits of this CBD flower. The effects can last up to three hours and it's a great option when for example you come home from work in the evening after a stressful day. In addition, Sweet Tooth CBD is also an excellent all-around medicinal strain.

In general, it is used to relieve or treat chronic pain, depression, anxiety headaches and anxiety. Also, the indica component gives it an analgesic property. It is also useful for insomniacs to get back to sleep. Sweet Tooth can alsohelp to stimulate the appetite.

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