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CBD OG Kush 8,5%
CBD OG Kush 8,5%

CBD Flower OG Kush 8,5% (in French)

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OG Kush
Hybrid of Hindu Kush parent
Diesel, skunk, spicy
Magna CBD

The OG Kush flower is a hybrid variety with a CBD content of 8.5% and a THC content of 0.12% in its original hemp plant. ThisCBD flower has interesting positive effects as well as relaxing and soothing properties. It is a fragrant flower whose consumption provides a unique and very pleasant flavor. What does this CBD flower do for you? The answer is here!

CBD OG Kush, a hybrid Sativa variety

The OG Kush flower is a cross between pure CBD and OG Kush. This flower is rich in CBD and therefore powerful. Morphologically, this flower has an open structure similar to the species SativaThis makes it more resistant to pests.

Very productive, CBD OG Kush produces compact and very fragrant buds. Its consumption provides a strong lemon, spice and skunk-like flavor. Moreover, it can be cultivated internally, even in small spaces. The flowering period varies between 8 and 9 weeks.

What are the effects?

The main advantage of the OG Kush flower is its high CBD content. This flower has a high content of cannabidiol, which allows it to have more beneficial effects than THC. Indeed, the OG Kush flower has a moderate effect on the brain as well as relaxing virtues. It also provides a pleasant feeling of well-being after its consumption. In addition, experienced users have reported that the flower increases appetite, relieves stress and pain.

How to eat this flower?

Although CBD is legal to consume, it is strictly forbidden to smoke it, as its smoke contains compounds that are harmful to the body. Ideally, you should consume your OG Kush flower by inhalation, in the form of oil or capsules. You can also mix it with some of your favorite foods. As far as dosage is concerned, it is recommended to take a light dose taking into account certain factors such as your sensitivity, your habits... Also, it is advisable to consume this CBD flower after the evening meal because of its potency.

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