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CBD OG Kush 8,5%
CBD OG Kush 8,5%

CBD Flower OG Kush 8,5% (in French)

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OG Kush
Hybrid of Hindu Kush parent
Diesel, skunk, spicy
Magna CBD

OG Kush flower is a hybrid strain with a CBD content of 8.5% and a THC content of 0.12% in its original hemp plant. This CBD flower has interesting positive effects as well as relaxing and soothing virtues. It is a fragrant flower whose consumption provides a unique and very pleasant flavor.

Focus on light CBD flower OG Kush 8.5%

OG Kush CBD flower is a Sativa hybrid variety. It is the result of crossing pure CBD with OG Kush. This flower containing 8.5% CBD offers light to moderate relaxing effects. This flower benefits from an open structure similar to the Sativa species, making it more resistant to pests.

Very productive, CBD OG Kush produces compact, highly fragrant buds. Its consumption provides a delicious lemon, spicy and skunk-like flavor. What's more, it can be grown indoors and its flowering period varies between 8 and 9 weeks.

What are the effects of CBD OG Kush 8.5% flowers ?

The main advantage of OG Kush flower is its 8.5% CBD content, which provides effective but not too intense soothing effects. Its CBD content is perfect for those wishing to be introduced to this molecule gently, but also in cases of temporary stress or mild pain. Indeed, OG Kush flower has a moderate effect on the physical and mental levels, but its relaxing virtues are definitely present.

It also provides a pleasant feeling of well-being after consumption. In addition, experienced consumers have pointed out that this flower regulates appetite and relieves stress as well as most everyday ailments.

What are the consumption patterns of OG Kush CBD flowers ?

Although CBD is legal to consume, smoking the flowers is not recommended, as the smoke contains compounds that are harmful to the body. Ideally, you should consume your OG Kush flower by inhalation using a vaporizer or as an infusion. You can also mix it into your favorite dishes.

As for dosage, we recommend starting with a light dose, taking into account factors such as your sensitivity, habits and metabolism. Depending on how you feel, you can increase the dose gradually or switch to a higher rate. You can consume it at any time of day to benefit from its soothing properties.

How long can you keep OG Kush CBD flowers ?

When properly stored, your OG Kush CBD flowers can be consumed for around 6 months. To do this, we advise you to store them in the original packaging, which is a hermetic pouch specially designed for optimal preservation.

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