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Sour Diesel CBD flower at 15.3%.

Sour Diesel CBD flower at 15.3%.

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Focus on the Sour Diesel, a more than special flower The feminized variety that is Sour Diesel is a variety that originated in California, then possessing an extremely rich genetic heritage, namely Hawaiian, Shiva, Diesel and Northern Light! When you see these exceptional strains, it's easy to see why Sour Diesel is so talked about... Its atypical profile gives it special aromas of skunk and oil. As a unique plant, Sour Diesel is greatly appreciated by connoisseurs for its extraordinary flavors as well as its high CBD content. The benefits of Sour Diesel The effects are quite powerful and soothe you quickly. Lovers of strong sensations and followers of cannabis of character, you will be conquered by this atypical variety With its origins Sativa to the tune of 70% and Indica to the tune of 30%, it guarantees you to stay wide awake and full of energy, at any time of day You will feel its benefits especially in the mental aspect but also on your physical. Soothe your body and mind The Sour Diesel will give you a real sense of happiness and well-being from the start. In addition, regular consumers have also noticed that this product has the ability to boost your creativity from the very first uses You'll become relaxed, while remaining sharp and stimulated. This will also allow you to be more efficient in the tasks you will have to perform daily This CBD flower is an excellent painkiller thanks to its analgesic powers relieving any kind of diffuse or chronic physical pain It also fights against stress and anxiety due to its anxiolytic properties As it contains less than 0.2% of THC, it is made in compliance with European standards in force. Thus it is perfectly legal and does not risk you to suffer undesirable side effects. The best ways to consume and store Sour Diesel . This premium quality flower is consumed either by inhalation, vaporization, or by infusion into tisan or even in cooking: To vaporize it, get a quality vaporizer specialized in the consumption of CBD flowers and heat it to 180°C To infuse, place a few heads in a bowl of water boiling that also contains a fatty substance such as milk, butter or oil and let it infuse for 15 minutes In cooking, add 1 to 2 grams of CBD flowers to your dishes, in addition to a fat. To keep it without losing quality, please store it in an airtight container, away from light and moisture.

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