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Freeze Kush, fleur de CBD à 15%

Freeze Kush, 15% CBD flower

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Overview of Freeze Kush 15% CBD flower

Freeze Kush is a highly concentrated CBD flower (15%). This flowery, tangy-tasting bud, with sweet notes of lemon and citrus, has the particularity of presenting buds that are not only dense but also very compact and resinous.

It's an interesting composition.

Its interesting composition with a high CBD content will enable you to enjoy the benefits of the hemp plant without complication. So, it will accompany you in all your moments of relaxation, whether you're a fan of cannabidiol-based products or on the contrary a novice in the field.

How is it obtained ?

Freeze Kush is actually a CBD herb that has been dried by being placed in contact with nitrogen, at a temperature equal to -140°C. It is to this process that it owes its smooth, particularly compact appearance.

As for its taste, it is more earthy with a slightly fruity touch. There's nothing like a CBD flower with fruity aromas and delicate flavors to give yourself a boost after a long day. Did you know that CBD flowers help contribute to our well-being on a daily basis?

The benefits of the Freeze Kush 15% variety

Freeze Kush CBD flower has the ability to soothe your stress and help you relax. With regular consumption, you'll also gradually come to release yourself from anxiety. As well as relaxing you, it can also help stimulate your creativity. This cannabidiol flower could be a good ally in fighting insomnia.

It will help you to regulate your circadian rhythm and speed up your falling asleep, while ensuring that you get better quality sleep. Rest assured, as this is a totally legal CBD flower with THC levels of less than 0.3%.

It therefore complies with the standards imposed by current European regulations regarding cannabidiol-based products. It's also important to know that this product contains no psychoactive substances that could be the cause of certain undesirable side effects. As a result, there's no risk of psychotropic effects.

With such a CBD flower, you'll have the opportunity to alleviate chronic pain and bothersome inflammation, such as lower back pain or migraines. Overall, CBD flower reduces feelings of nausea and favors relaxation of body and mind.

Freeze Kush CBD flower consumption methods

To reap all its benefits, you can consume your CBD flower in the form of an herbal tea by infusing it for a few minutes in boiling water. Add a fat such as vegetable butter, as cannabidiol is fat-soluble.

You can also dissolve a dose of one or two grams in lightly heated vegetable oil, which you will then add to one of your culinary preparations. Don't hesitate to use your flowers in the kitchen in all your favorite sweet and savory recipes.

Finally, you can spray it into a quality vaporizer heated to around 180°C. This method allows you to inhale healthy vapors, without the use of tobacco and without combustion.

Storage time for Freeze Kush CBD flowers

Store your flowers away from air, light, humidity and heat. This will >preserve the flavors and aromas of your Freeze Kush CBD flowers for approximately 6 months.

For ease of use, we recommend storing them in their original packaging, which is a hermetic pouch provided for this purpose.

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