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Huile CBD pour Petits Animaux 3% - 10ml

CBD Oil for Small Animals 3% - 10ml

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What is CBD oil for small animals CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular for humans, dogs and cats. But it can also do a lot of good for small animals!  That's why we developed this 3% concentrated small animal CBD oil. It is dedicated to small rodents like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs or even gerbils. Its full spectrum action allows it to effectively relieve many ailments. To suit their sensitive and fragile digestive systems, 3% CBD Small Animal Oil is natural, pesticide-free, and THC-free. The bottle contains 10ml of oil, which is enough for many uses. In fact, 10ml equals about 200 drops. Why use CBD oil for small animals Small rodents and mammals are naturally subject to stress and anxiety. Their nervous nature can cause them digestive discomfort as well as other health problems. The therapeutic benefits of CBD oil for small animals helps relieve their mental and physical ailments. By acting on their nervous system, CBD oil provides long-lasting, natural soothing.  Small rodents are also prone to digestive problems. CBD oil for small animals is ideal for relieving them with its anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, CBD oil can limit their seizures and associated convulsions, which are common in NACs (new pet animals). Do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian if your pet has any health concerns before administering CBD oil.  How to administer CBD oil for small animals It is difficult to give CBD oil directly by pipette for small rodents. So you have to trick them by slipping the CBD oil into a food product they love. Depending on the size of your pet, be careful not to give them too much oil, especially if they are not yet used to it. For a small rodent, start with only half a drop.  Good to know: small animal CBD oil contains about 1.75mg of CBD per drop. To find out the ideal dosage to give your pet, multiply your pet's weight in pounds by 0.75, then divide by 1.75 to get the number of drops. So, with this calculation, it is estimated that for a one-kilogram animal, only one drop of small animal CBD oil should be administered.

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