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Infusion hemp bio in bag Sweet Mint

Infusion hemp bio in bag Sweet Mint

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CBD rate
THC levels
Mint nana, hemp, peppermint
25 g.

At the heart of the 70% CBD Mint pyramid bag infusion

His composition These infusions are composed of 70% hemp grown in Europe and certified Organic Agriculture. For attractive flavors, are added to this main element, nanah mint and peppermint that have their own therapeutic qualities.

Multiple analyses are at the origin of this result which combines the tasty aromas of an herbal tea with a significant amount of CBD. Indeed, hemp contains CBD or cannabidiol, as well as CBG or cannabigerol. But THC, which is a psychoactive substance, is not part of the plant's molecules.

How it's stored

The CBD herbal tea bags should be stored in an airy place, sheltered from light, heat and humidity. After infusion, the preparation can be stored for example in a thermos for at least 24 hours.

For long term consumption, you can place the drink in the refrigerator. In this case, so that it can keep and restore its main active elements, you will need to add a few drops of a fat such as whole or vegetable milk, coconut oil or cocoa butter.

The benefits of 70% CBD mint infusion

Along with CBD, nanah mint and peppermint ensure better digestion. In addition, cannabidiol effectively reduces nausea. This substance, present in the herbal tea, appears beneficial for mental health, but also physical. It alleviates many ailments thanks to its anxiolytic virtues. That is why the 70% hemp-based herbal tea helps, at first, to sleep better, to reduce stress and anxiety.

You will be able to experience the sensations of calm and appeasement whatever your initial state of mind. This tea can replace analgesics, as it reduces both chronic and acute pain. It also has anti-inflammatory aspects. CBD is indeed known to alleviate the various symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but also to reduce the inflammation of the brain in case of nervous breakdown.

It remains an excellent alternative to respiratory problems you may suffer. Moreover, CBD tea remains effective in fighting against hypertension and generating better blood circulation. Finally, it helps to consolidate neurons and slow down cognitive decline in the case of certain degenerative diseases.

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