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CBD Wax Tuttifrutti 66% 1ML Plant of Life

Wax CBD Tuttifrutti 66% 1ML

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Plant Of Life

A blend of peach, apricot, banana and pineapple, the Tuttifrutti flavour is a pure treat for the taste buds. If you are fond of fruit cocktails and cannabidiol, Tuttifrutti CBD Wax 66% 1 ml will be your ideal partner. Its high concentration of 66% CBD and its honeyed texture will give you very satisfying effects.

How is CBD wax obtained?

CBD wax is obtained through several methods, including closed circuit CO2 extraction. It is actually a crystallized oil, obtained from the cannabis plants. To do this, the oil is heated at low temperature to extract the cannabidiol and the molecules responsible for the different flavours.

During the process, THC, which is considered a psychoactive substance, is isolated. The same goes for the solvents used during the manufacturing process. This results in a very pure and crumbly CBD concentrate.

How to consume Tuttifrutti CBD wax?

There are several ways to consume Tuttifrutti 66% CBD wax. If you have a chronic pathology, we recommend the sublingual method. Just apply a very small dose of CBD wax on your tongue and let it interact for a few seconds.

The effects are felt very quickly. It is possible to mix the product with an e-liquid. In this case, you will need a vapoteur or an electronic cigarette. You can also infuse CBD wax in drinks, hot water or herbal teas. By combining it with fats such as vegetable oil or butter, you can also make the most of this CBD wax.

How to dose the CBD wax?

When it comes to CBD, there is no single dose for everyone. The effects of CBD wax vary from one consumer to another and depend on certain important criteria such as the weight of the individual, the blood pressure and the chronicity of the ailment to be relieved.

If you have previously taken painkillers, antidepressants or sleeping pills, you may need to increase your usual dose slightly. It is usually advisable to start with a very small dose. As you go along, depending on how you feel, you will determine the dosage that is best for you. Moreover, since the THC level in this Wax CBD is less than 0.3%, its consumption is 100% legal.

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