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CBD Sour Widow 13%
CBD Sour Widow 13%

Sour Widow CBD Flower 13

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Sour Widow
Indica from White Widow
apricot, spicy, citrus
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CBD is a natural compound that comes in several varieties, including Sour Widows 13% flower. ThisCBD flower has some rather special characteristics: a THC content of 0.19% and a CBD content of 13%. In addition to these aspects, its taste, smell and colors will most certainly encourage you to add it to your tasting cabinet.

What to know about this CBD flower?

Sour Widows CBD flower comes from the species Indica sativa. It is indeed a hybrid species resulting from the crossing between Cheese CBD and Black Jack CBD. Generally cultivated in outside, the CBD Sour Widows presents a good output and a good content of cannabidiol (13 %). Mild and subtle, this CBD flower can be consumed at any time and without the risk of overdosing. In addition, it is a natural CBD flower that does not contain pesticides or sulfates.

What are the effects of Sour Widows?

CBD Sour Widows is a relaxing product that can help you relieve muscle problems and fight stress. It guarantees you pleasant moments of relaxation without making you feel like you are sedated. By consuming it, your body will be more soothed and lighter. In addition, this CBD flower is beneficial in the fight against headache.

What are aromas?

CBD Sour Widows 13% is a fragrant product with a spicy, citrus and apricot aroma. This aroma is indeed reminiscent of the heritage inherited from the two crossbred CBD species. Thus, when consuming it, you will notice the powerful flavor of Black Jack CBD and a cheese-like smell. As far as its colors are concerned, the CBD Sour Widows 13% is a silky light green color.

Moreover, the consumption of this flower is legal, because its THC content is in accordance with the standard in relation to CBD flowers. However, it is necessary to respect the rules of good use of CBD. Indeed, it is not recommended to smoke it to avoid the negative effects of the harmful constituents contained in the smoke. In addition, the most recommended methods of consumption are vaporization, inhalation, ingestion of oil or capsules.

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