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La Mango Haze – Fleur de CBD à 16,9%

Mango Haze - 16.9% CBD Flower

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CBD rate
16.9 %
THC levels
Mango : woody
Sous serre

-50 % de Remise

Description of CBD Mango Haze flower (16.9%) Among the best known of the cannabis sativa varietals, Mango Haze in its CBD version, is a flower with arô mes both sweet and sweet, enveloped by fruits exotic flavors. Lemon and incense, as well as papaya, mango and banana, then add to this combination for a unique result of subtle and authentic flavors. It's an intense color with a hint of sweetness. Her intense color with many trichomes orange and red make the CBD Mango Haze flower recognizable among thousands. Its buds are medium in size and grow wide, eventually concentrating at the top of each stem. The invaluable benefits and effects of Mango Haze CBD This is a cannabino rich flower that is guaranteed to give you the most relaxing and relaxing trips of your life His calming properties will relax you deeply in an instant Perfect for an introduction to CBD, Mango Haze knows how to be discreet, while offering you a rich experience inside your body and mind It will allow you to chase away your limiting thoughts and dark ideas, while stimulating your creativity and promoting concentration This flower also has an analgesic effect to reduce your muscle pain, joint pain, tendon pain etc. How to store and consume your CBD flowers Mango Haze ? For optimal results and in order to keep your flowers as long as possible, keep them in their original packaging and store them in a cool, dry place. Also, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. They should be stored in a cool, dry place. As for their consumption, several methods are possible but we recommend the following above all: In vaporization This is a solution of choice to quickly benefit from the effects of Mango Haze. You will be able to preserve the totality of the aromas, while extracting the quintessence of the flower. In addition, vaporizing CBD flowers with the help of a quality vaporizer allows you to experience the benefits of the cannabinoïdes that make them up more quickly. This represents a healthy way of consumption, preserving the molecular structure of the plant. We then advise you to set your device on 180°C. In infusion Prepare hot water as you would for a classic infusion and add CBD flowers and a fat, such as milk, butter, or eacute oil. Because cannabidiol is so lipophilic, it needs fat to release all of its benefits. Store your flowers away from air, light and moisture.

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