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E-liquide CBD Skuff Element 10ml Greeneo

E-liquide CBD Skuff Element 10ml Greeneo

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At the heart of Skuff Element e-liquid

Known to electronic cigarette and CBD regulars, the Skuff Element variety is also known as Green Skuff. Its virtues and the vaping experience that this e-liquid offers come from a mixture of two extracts of hemp full spectrum to bring an outstanding aroma. The osmosis between these two extracts even give birth to a flavor even more marked than the original with powerful floral notes and appreciated by insiders.

It's impossible to remain unmoved by its flavors highlighted by the specific process of "full spectrum." It values an extraction of CBD even more advanced than traditional processes so that the whole spectrum present is preserved and present in the product. The latter then has better performance and quality compared to traditional techniques.

In addition, all e-liquids are organically grown, comply with marketing standards, production and are developed in France based on advanced recipes of Skuff Element. Floral notes, along with a resinous taste and a natural hemp aroma are at the rendezvous with a guarantee of quality for a unique vaping experience.


Complying with European requirements in terms of marketing and product composition, Skuff Element e-liquid is made in France for a product guaranteed to be THC-free, alcohol-free, animal product-free and nicotine-free. You can enjoy the virtues of Skuff Element safely.

A PG/VG (Propylene glycol/Vegetable glycerin) ratio of 60/40 is present.


It is essential to store your e-liquid at a temperature of 15 °C to 20 °C to keep all the benefits and flavors.

Then store it away from daylight and in a dry place.

The benefits of Skuff Element e-liquid: a moment of calm and relaxation

Turning to Skuff Element allows you to be carried by floral and natural hemp flavors for moments of relaxation and calm.

With a daytime drink, you take the stress out of everyday life. With a consumption in the evening, you facilitate a smooth sleep to let more easily the arms of Morpheus come to pick you.

E-liquids in several concentrations are available to fit your vaping habits. A pipette with a dropper allows you to simply use your product. In addition, CBD boosters also exist to enhance the effects of CBD if you struggle to feel them.

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