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E liquid CBD Skuff 10 ml Greeneo

E liquid CBD Skuff 10 ml Greeneo

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At the heart of Skuff e-liquid

The Skuff e-liquid will make you enjoy the full extraction of hemp and obviously natural terpenes. Quickly, you will be seduced by its incomparable aromas and flavors. You will notice these effects whether you are a beginner or experienced vapoteur thanks to its powerful hit. A result which is possible thanks to the interaction of the molecules of the plant (CBC, CBG, CBN, etc.). Regarding its use, you pour a few drops into your tank or your dripper. Even if it is possible to add the e-liquid Skuff to your own compositions, always respect the recommended dosage. The Skuff e-liquid is rich in flavors with soft and sweet notes. The result is absolutely surprising with the key to an earthy, gourmand and resinous flavor.


The e-liquid benefits from a complete extraction of hemp, that is to say full spectrum. It consists of 50% VG and 50% PG. A particularly interesting dosage, because it will be possible for you to use it with all clearomizers. Regarding the rate of THC, it is obviously less than 0.3% so you can vapoter legally and according to the recommendations of the European Union. The extraction is carried out with carbon dioxide and is a particularly effective method to preserve the active elements of cannabidiol.


To fully preserve the flavors of Skuff e-liquid, you should keep the precious liquid at room temperature, which is between 15 and 20 degrees. Also keep it away from moisture. Otherwise, the e-liquid may gradually lose its flavor. Ideally, you place it in a closed cupboard as long as you have no problem with humidity. Be aware that it is also possible to place the e-liquid in the refrigerator, but the drop in temperature will have a direct influence on the viscosity.

The benefits of Skuff e-liquid

The Skuff e-liquid is appreciated by many people for its relaxing effects. Obviously, the feeling remains variable from one person to another. However, you could benefit from its anxiolytic virtues allowing you to reduce your daily stress. It is also a particularly beneficial substance to help you fall asleep. Rest assured, even with regular consumption, there is no risk of addiction. However, Skuff e-liquid will never replace a medical treatment.

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