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E liquid CBD White Widow 10ml Greeneo

E liquid CBD White Widow 10ml Greeneo

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At the heart of White Widow e-liquid

The e-liquid varieties all have their own flavors, benefits and specifics to bring a unique experience tailored to your expectations and vaping habits. There are original varieties, powerful or even essential. The White Widow is undeniably part of the must-have e-liquids of the market for its taste power appreciated by all.

Valuing a blend of natural hemp terpenes from organic farming, the vape experience is truer than life with both a woody and flowery dress on an earthy background and some notes of bitter citrus peel. Only products made in France are valued to ensure a quality product. The hardcore fans of White Widow e-liquid as well as novices looking for a variety of e-liquid strong in flavors and virtuous can turn to it with their eyes closed.


Valuing only natural products from French organic farming, nature is honored to offer you a unique vape experience without THC, nicotine or alcohol to enjoy only its virtues.

White Widow e-liquid features a 60/40 ratio in terms of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for a strong taste, vapor volume and perfect dilution.


In order to preserve all the flavors and virtues of White Widow e-liquid, it is important to keep it in a dry place away from daylight in a temperature averaging the 15 ° C. Contact with the air is also to be avoided.

The e-liquids are packaged in bottles with a dropper pipette to facilitate their uses.

The benefits of White Widow e-liquid: everything for relaxation

In addition to a strong taste, the White Widow variety also enhances the benefits of CBD. White Widow is the variety for relaxation. Turning to serious electronic cigarette material, the vaping experience brings you woody and floral notes in an unprecedented soothing moment.

With a strong but gentle effect, you give yourself a moment of rest and relaxation without knocking yourself out. To escape the stress and the rather heavy daily life, White Widow is the one for you. In the evening, it is ideal for relaxing you until you calmly find sleep. Order Number 9783130 Status Close Project Name Magna CBD - New product - March 2023 Category Health & Medicine Author DS54 CBD Team Written Words 447 Number of words 400 - 500 processing time 3 days Total cost €14.36 sent March 20, 2023 Export date Not exported Briefing Original text Plagiarism check

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