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CBD and Islam: we tell you everything

CBD is a substance that is increasingly sought after today for its many benefits to the body. It comes in various forms and contributes to the well-being of users. In many countries, especially in France, CBD has many consumers. Among them, Muslims are not part of it, because they do not know if they should consume it or not because of its origin that is cannabis. If you are also wondering about this issue, in this article, we answer you so that no doubt remains.

What is meant by illegal substances in Islam?

The Muslim religion does not allow the use of drugs even in small doses. Any substance that a Muslim believer can consume and not be lucid and sensible is totally forbidden in Islam. Among these intoxicants, you have psychoactive drugs and tobacco. You also have all the chemicals that can be inhaled, such as solvents.

So the only question that comes to mind is, is CBD categorized in any of these illegal substances? To answer the question, it is important to understand in depth what CBD is.

What is cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the 100 components of cannabis. It is no secret that cannabis causes euphoria in consumers thanks to the THC it contains. It is this component that is strictly forbidden for consumption. On the other hand, CBD and other active components are not restricted. Only the THC makes the reputation of cannabis as a prohibited herb for consumption.

Coming back to CBD, it should be noted that a lot of research has been done to prove whether or not it is harmful to the body. It has been found that cannabidiol has virtues, as it cures sleep disorders, reduces inflammation, calms chronic pain and even depression. Above all, CBD is not psychoactive.

Research on cannabidiol has also shown that the substance has no side effects on the consumer apart from a dry mouth. On this point, the results are formal on the fact that no consumer of CBD whatsoever can reach the consumption limit, because it is very high.

Cannabidiol can therefore in no way be considered a drug once it is separated from THC. CBD can therefore be equated with any plant for a natural remedy.

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CBD and addiction

Although the issue was implicitly explained earlier in the article, it is important to remember that CBD is not addictive. Only the THC present in cannabis can lead you to addiction. This is the main reason why this substance is banned for consumption.

Biologically, the use of THC, like any other drug, triggers the production of dopamine. Numerous research results prove the presence of the pleasure hormone in the body after drug use. Thus, with the feeling of pleasure that this hormone triggers, the body does not stop wanting to experience it. The body then asks for these drugs again and again and this is how you develop an addiction.

Unlike drugs, and more specifically THC, CBD does not act on dopamine to the point of releasing it into the body. Therefore, there can be no dependence or addiction. This conclusion is reinforced by the WHO statement on the issue of CBD.

Further on, CBD has the ability to fight against addictions to toxic substances. It prevents you from developing any addiction.

Does CBD make you high?

As you have certainly understood, CBD has no euphoric effect on the consumer. Only THC is the molecule responsible for a euphoric behaviour. It is the molecule that gets you high, because when you consume it, you release dopamine which is the pleasure hormone. By feeling this sensation, you are in a secondary state.

To avoid getting high, it is recommended to take CBD that is approved by French law. French law requires that the various forms in which cannabidiol is present must contain a very low level of THC (0.20%). In addition, an approved CBD must necessarily be accompanied by a certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis lists the components of the product purchased, its purity and quality.

What form of CBD do you prefer if you are a Muslim?

On the basis of the above information on CBD, it is possible to say that anyone in Islam can consume cannabidiol. This substance is completely halal.

As for what to consume, it will depend on you. For example, when you take CBD oil, you should know to consume it with the regulatory percentage of THC does not bother you. On the other hand, if you think that the level of this molecule may cause you problems or goes against your beliefs, you may not take it. Another option would be to take CBD oil without the presence of THC.

For this second option, you can take CBD isolate. This is a product made entirely with CBD. It has nothing left in it but cannabidiol.

As a Muslim, you should not take CBD candy. Usually it is made with pork fat (gelatin formation).

When it comes to CBD flower, you should also take some precautions. They are not inadvisable, but you should make sure to check the THC content present.

All in all, anyone in Islam can consume CBD. However, for every product that they will have to choose, they must check the THC content that is present in it. It is important to respect the law in this matter.

All the information on our website is intended to help you understand our products. It does not constitute medical advice and is certainly not a substitute for specialist medical advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist before consuming any cbd product.
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