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What are the best CBDs to buy for sleeping ?

The use of CBD is beneficial in many areas. CBD helps alleviate certain conditions, including sleep disorders. Five products are particularly effective in combating insomnia. They facilitate a fast fall asleep, a deep and restful sleep. They suppress nightmares and night wakings. If you want to buy CBD for sleep, here are the five best CBD products.

The CBD flower

The CBD flower is the flower of the plant called cannabis or hemp. The CBD flower comes from two varieties of cannabis: Cannabis Sativa L and Cannabis Indica. The CBD flower contains two substances: THC, TetraHydroCannabinol and CBD, Cannabidiol.
The flowers of CBD legal in France must post a content lower than 0,2 % of THC to be marketed. They have no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effect. They do not make the user dependent. Cannabidiol flowers are used for their therapeutic effect, they relieve or reduce certain ailments, diseases or disorders of physical or mental health.
In our online store, we offer hemp flowers that respect the legislation present in France. Our CBD flowers are available in a multitude of flavors: citrus, blueberry, pine, lavender, cheese, grape, raspberry, strawberry, apricot,... The effects of cannabidiol present in hemp flowers vary in intensity: mild, medium, strong, very strong, intense. Their Cannabidiol content ranges from 8.5% to 82.5%.
The CBD flowers are used in infusions, inhalation or vaporization.

CBD and CBG oils

Cannabidiol oils are made from the stalk and seeds of the hemp plant.The CBD oils in our online store are made in France or the European Union. They are produced using the healthiest process: CO2 extraction, which preserves more of the active ingredients of the hemp plant. They are available in 10 ml sizes. The oils are more concentrated in cannabidiol and contain traces of THC. Very little product is enough to feel the beneficial effects of cannabidiol. Two varieties are offered: nerobi oils and chanvréo oils with cannabidiol concentrations of 5 to 30%.

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What is the right dosage for sleeping?

If you decide to buy CBD for sleeping, you need to know the right dosage to produce the positive effects against insomnia.
Whatever the product, flowers or oils, you should start with very low doses and wait for your body's reaction. Indeed, some people may have a high sensitivity and need very little product. The weight of the user, the habit of consumption, the use of other substances are to be taken into account. Depending on the effects obtained on your insomnia, doses will need to be increased or decreased.


Cannabidiol flowers effective in regaining sleep, such as CBD White Fire flower, CBD Blackberry flower or The CBD Gorilla Queen flower, are used in the form of infusion, inhalation or vaporization.
In infusions, it is necessary to add a fat (butter, oil, milk) to infuse the flower. To obtain beneficial effects for the sleep, it is advised to use the flower in very small doses during the first tests, between 0,5 and 1 gram. The flower is dried, it is easy to reduce some pieces. If you consume cannabidiol flowers for the first time, very little product will be needed.


Buying CBD for sleep is easier in the form of oils. This is because oils are easy to dose: just count the number of drops you want. Moreover, the effects of Cannabidiol are faster with oils. The oils can be taken orally or applied to the skin. If your wish is to buy CBD for sleeping, the oral way will be preferred. Place the drops under your tongue or absorb them with a liquid.
The recommended oils for better sleep are concentrated at 5%, so they contain 2.50 mg of cannabidiol per drop. An adult can ingest 0.5 mg of cannabidiol per pound per day. If you've never taken oils, you can start with two drops at night at bedtime and observe the effects on your insomnia.

All the information on our website is intended to help you understand our products. It does not constitute medical advice and is certainly not a substitute for specialist medical advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist before consuming any cbd product.
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