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Is CBD an appetite suppressant or an appetite suppressant ?

Some say CBD acts as an appetite suppressant and facilitates weight loss, while others say it increases appetite tenfold. Faced with these conflicting opinions, you no longer know what is true and what is false. To see more clearly, we answer all your questions about the consumption of CBD and its impact on the feeling of hunger in this article.

How the hunger mechanism works

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it seems essential to review the definition of hunger. Acquired at birth, hunger is a survival mechanism that helps the body stay healthy. Hunger is the primary need to eat in order to have energy and to be able to move. It manifests as a signal sent to warn us that energy levels are too low and we need to eat to bring them back up.

There is therefore a clear distinction between hunger and appetite. Indeed, appetite is defined by the desire to eat in order to satisfy a physiological need. Appetite is found through the pleasure of eating certain foods. Connected to our 5 senses, appetite can be triggered by the simple fact of seeing or smelling a dish that we like. This is the reason why we sometimes feel like eating for the sole purpose of satisfying a pleasure rather than a need.

What is the link between CBD and hunger ?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid extracted from hemp plants. Well known for its multiple therapeutic benefits, it is often consumed for its beneficial effects on stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and chronic pain. So what does this have to do with hunger and appetite?

From a scientific standpoint, CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system. This system common to all mammals is responsible for balancing essential body functions such as sleep, mood and appetite. When you are hungry, the endocannabinoid system signals the brain that it is time to eat by stimulating your appetite. The endocannabinoids will then secrete hormones related to appetite regulation: leptin and ghrelin.

This is where CBD comes in to help you regulate your appetite naturally. To do this, CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. In addition to reducing the feeling of hunger when it is not needed, CBD helps reduce stress and anxiety that are often closely linked to eating disorders and weight gain. Stress and anxiety are among the major factors in compulsive behaviors toward food such as sugar and chocolate.


Thanks to its action on stress and anxiety, CBD helps you to find calm and appeasement. By promoting your well-being, it unconsciously helps you regulate your appetite, regain a healthy diet and control your weight.

Does CBD act as an appetite suppressant ?

Does CBD act as an appetite suppressant?

Scientific studies have shown that CBD can help reduce the production of ghrelin, the hormone that causes hunger pangs. If you have a tendency to crave food during the day due to stress, anxiety or overly strong emotions, CBD can be a great help in reducing that uncontrolled feeling of hunger.

Some people take advantage of this appetite suppressant effect and consume CBD to facilitate weight loss and accompany their weight loss program. A study conducted on laboratory rats in 2016 highlighted the impact of CBD on eating habits and particularly on reducing the feeling of hunger. Obviously, this research needs to be further investigated in order to confirm the results.

These promising results have led towards further studies regarding the action of CBD on weight loss and fat burning. Thanks to its natural appetite suppressant effect, CBD promotes the transformation of white fat (bad fat) into brown fat (good fat). This natural ingredient is therefore ideal for reducing hunger pangs and keeping weight and health in check.


Can CBD increase appetite tenfold ?

When we talk about cannabis, we tend to think that its consumption increases appetite tenfold. But is this a fact or a preconception? In reality, it is the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) molecule that is responsible for this effect, not CBD. Considered a narcotic and illegal product, THC is known for its psychotropic and euphoric properties. Unlike CBD, THC will stimulate ghrelin production and increase the feeling of hunger.

However, it seems interesting to remember that CBD can regulate hunger. Some studies have shown that CBD helps restore appetite, especially in people suffering from nausea and vomiting. CBD helps to reduce the symptoms of certain medical conditions, which helps to awaken the desire to eat. The advantage is that it is a natural ingredient that does not cause any adverse effects, unlike some conventional drug treatments.

Can you consume CBD to lose weight ?

If you want to lose weight or are currently on a diet with a sports program, know that CBD can accompany you in this process. On the other hand, you should not take CBD with the sole aim of losing weight, without establishing a healthy lifestyle in parallel. A nutritious diet and regular physical activity are essential to lose weight and regain your healthy weight.

Used wisely, CBD can help you let go and reduce snacking, while turning bad fat into good fat. Sure, CBD doesn't have the power to make you lose weight, but it can help you reach your goals with more peace of mind.

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