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Cartouche Pod 1% CBD WATERMELON - 0,75ml

WATERMELON 1% CBD Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Plant of Life

cartridge Pod WaterMelon is a product of the brand Plant of life designed specifically for e cigarettes plant of life. This product is practical and easy to use. The CBD contained in this product is authentic and allows you to enjoy the sensations of pTheasure and well-being sought. It is priced at 9.70 INCLUDING VAT.

Why is this?oosing cartridgeshes Pod WaterMelon?

Thanks to a combination of terpene and watermelon aroma, The cartridges Pod WaterMelonIt offers you a unique and authentic taste. Cis an adaptabThe 0.75ml of contenance with a CBD content of 1%.. CBD is obtained through a CO2 extraction. Cis a cannaboid withoutpsychotropic effects unlike THC préfeels in marijuana.

Le-liquid contained in the cartridge WaterMelon contains a Thevel of THC <0,01% thus limiting its psychotropic action. The cartridges WaterMelon are flavoured with natural terpenes to generate a fruity watermelon aroma and are compatibThe with vaporizers Juul. Le-liquid contained in its cartridges provides the consumer with a relaxing sensation, albeit light, given the fairly low rate of cannaboid.

Use of cartridges WaterMelon

In order to fully enjoy the experience of tenfold pTheasures, it is recommended to use especially the certified cartridges Juul. The consumer may, however, decide to refill his e cigarette with another liquid.

Here is the procedure to follow to refill its e cigarette with cartridges Pod

- - • remove the plastic hood

- - • Carefully remove the cap above the CBD cartridge with a flat screwdriver WaterMelon

- - • Remove the silicone cap containing the tank.

- - • fill the cartridge of your e liquid WaterMelon

The dosage is applied according to both the expected and the actual effects.according to the profiThe of vapers. It is advisabThe to take care not to exceed the filling limit. At the end of the operation, you reassembThe all the parts. Using aa paper towel to cThean The e cigarette and enjoy your e cigarette vote.

However, it should be noted that the cartridge WaterMelon as well as most cartridges Pod by the way are compThetely seaThed. Indeed, these cartridges have not been designedes to be refilThed or for the e-liquid to be replaced.

Legal nature of the product

In view of the Thegality of CBD in France since 2019. You can use this product without worry.

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