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CBD Asteroid Comet 85 %
CBD Asteroid Comet 85 %

CBD Asteroid Comet 85%

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  • 5g

CBD rate
85 %
THC levels

The ASTEROID COMET 85%: a powerful CBD flower

Behind this distinctive-looking white CBD flower is actually one of the most potent flowers on the market! In fact, it is concentrated in CBD up to 85%! To put it simply,everything about the Asteroid Comet flower is exceptional: its name, which means it sends your everyday concerns far into space, but also its appearance, its potency and its taste.

Good to know:this flower is limited edition and is relatively rare.  The scent of the ASTEROID COMET 85% flower As soon as you open the bottle, you'll be intoxicated by the delicious lemon scentof this CBD flower. 

When consumed, you'll get those fruit flavors back with the lemon taste mixed with sweet flavors.  Finally, ASTEROID COMET 85% flowerleaves a pleasant taste in the mouth. The appearance of ASTEROID COMET 85% flower It's surprisingly white color leaves no one indifferent. It is easily recognized because it can have reflections.

But to what is its appearance due?

Simply because the CBD flower is coated with CBD crystals concentrated at 99% CBD before being crystallized with wax containing 60% CBD. This manufacturing process explains the high CBD content of ASTEROID COMET 85%. All in all, it's a exploding combination that results in an exceptional product on the CBD market.

Good to know:

this flower is quite strong and compact, do not hesitate to use a quality grinder to reduce it, ideally a metal grinder. The ASTEROID COMET 85%, for whom We recommend ASTEROID COMET 85% to seasoned consumers.

Indeed, its high CBD contentis not suitable if you are new to CBD consumption. This flower allows for intense, tenfold effects and has no end of surprises in store for you.  Of course, ASTEROID COMET 85% contains less than 0.2% THC in accordance with European Union legislation, as do all the products present on 

How to consume ASTEROID COMET 85% .

ASTEROID COMET 85% is particularly suitable for a consumption at the end of the day or in the evening before you go to bed. Indeed, its high CBD content allows a strong relaxing effect.

It is ideal against anxiety, chronic or transient stress, in case of difficulty falling asleep or sleep disorders, and after a difficult day.  The team's advice : ASTEROID COMET 85% is delicious when consumed as an herbal tea!

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