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Ice Rock Green Tea CBD 82,5% - 5G
Ice Rock Green Tea CBD 82,5% - 5G

Ice Rock Green Tea CBD 82,5% - 5G

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CBD ICE ROCK GREEN TEA CBD flower 82.5%: incredible potency

This CBD flower has an impressive concentration of 82.5%, giving it great potency and intense, effective relaxing effects that are quickly felt. This high content is explained by its manufacturing process. After being collected and dried, the CBD flower was then soaked in CBD oil, then wax, before being coated with incredibly fine crystals.

It's this explosive cocktail that gives ICE ROCK GREEN TEA CBD 82.5% flower its strength, but also its appearance, which may come as a surprise: it looks like a small green pebble. In fact, because of its strength, it's essential to use a quality crusher to crumble it, such as a metal grinder. A knife can also do the trick.

The flavours of ICE ROCK GREEN TEA CBD

This flower is responsibly farmed and grown in Switzerland. Its quality and slightly earthy flavor will quickly make it one of your favorite products.

ICE ROCK GREEN TEA CBD 82.5% is recommended for seasoned CBD consumers This special edition has, as its name suggests, a delicious green tea taste. Behind it are light herbaceous notes reminiscent of the smells of nature. It's a CBD flower conducive to relaxation, both because of its scent, its flavor, and its CBD concentration.

The benefits of ICE ROCK GREEN TEA CBD

Of course, ICE ROCK GREEN TEA CBD 82.5% flower has many benefits thanks to its levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. It helps with near-instantaneous reduction of transient stress, reduction of chronic stress and anxiety, improvement of sleep quality and time to sleep, and alleviation of physical pain, such as muscle tension.

We recommend consuming ICE ROCK GREEN TEA CBD 82.5% after a day's work or in the evening before going to sleep. This flower is also perfectly suited after an intense sports session as it will help your muscles loosen up and relax.


Ice Rock Green Tea CBD flower can be consumed as herbal tea or tea, and can even be incorporated into a hot drink. To get the most out of the benefits, remember to add a fatty substance to your preparation.

You can also choose inhalation through a vaporizer, or incorporate it into the preparation of a dish.

Storage time for ICE ROCK GREEN TEA CBD

When stored away from heat and humidity, your Ice Rock Green Tea CBD flowers can be consumed for 6 months. After this period, the effects and flavors gradually degrade.

We recommend storing them in their original packaging, which is a hermetic pouch provided for this purpose.

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