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Fleur de CBD, Orange Bud (25 %) – Indoor

CBD Flower, Orange Bud (25%) - Indoor

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Description of Orange Bud 25% CBD flower

Orange Bud is an organic flower invented in the 1980s, taking its name from the citrus aroma it gives off. The flavors it offers go from orange to nectarine, to transport you straight to the orange groves of California...

This CBD flower is today an essential, high-end reference in the cannabidiol field, within the French market. It comes in the form of fairly thick flowers, decorated with small orange pistils, characteristic of this variety.

As its name suggests, this CBD flower is the most popular in France.

As its name suggests, Orange Bud Indoor is a CBD flower grown indoors. It therefore benefits from the advantages of this type of cultivation with precise control over the hemp plant's growing conditions.

This product boasts a rich and flavorful aromatic bouquet, with notes both sweet and mild as well as a distinctive earthy scent, inherited from Skunk.

The surprising benefits of Orange Bud 25% CBD flower

Because it's grown under ideal greenhouse conditions, it evolves in a perfectly balanced and controlled environment. As a result, it's packed with health-boosting nutrients: omega-3s, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

While conventional flowers contain between 10 and 12% cannabidiol on average, Orange Bud is endowed with an impressive CBD content of 25%, which immediately propels it into the world's top most potent flowers.

You'll therefore feel its very intense effects, without having to consume a lot of it. With no psychotropic effects, this product has been developed in compliance with European regulations. As such, it contains less than 0.3% THC and is unlikely to cause you any unpleasant side effects.

This variety of CBD Indoor flower is prized, among other things, for its anti-stress effect but it also demonstrates notable effectiveness against pain in general. It can thus be considered as a complementary treatment in the fight against anxiety, depression or insomnia. Orange Bud provides a feeling of well-being and fullness.

It is also capable of stimulating your energetic potential as well as your creativity. It is the ideal flower for artistic souls.

What are the consumption methods for Orange Bud 25% CBD flower ?

For optimal consumption, we recommend using a quality vaporizer with a temperature regulator. Equip yourself with a vaporizer that you preheat to a temperature equal to 180°C and safely vaporize your Orange Bud, without tobacco or combustion. This way, you'll enjoy both the taste and the benefits of the premium plant.

You can make infusions or herbal teas with your CBD flowers. To do this, simply leave them to infuse for around 15 minutes in simmering water. In cooking, you can also add a dose equal to one or two grams maximum to your cooked dishes.

Whichever way you ingest it, always accompany it with a vegetable fat such as butter or oil.

How long can you keep Orange Bud 25% CBD flowers ?

Store your CBD Orange Bud flowers away from air, light and moisture. This will help preserve the virtues and properties of your flowers for around 6 months.

We recommend storing them in their original packaging, which is an airtight pouch or in a jar, depending on your preferences.

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