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CBD Orange Turbo 11,5%
CBD Orange Turbo 11,5%

Flower CBD Orange Turbo 11.5% (in French)

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Orange Turbo
Hybrid, cross between Orange Creamsicle & Turbo Diesel
lemon, orange, sweet
Magna CBD
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CBD flowers are very popular because of their multiple positive effects on the body. If you're looking to get some, you'll find what you need at Magna CBD. We offer a wide variety of CBD flowersincluding Orange Turbo. Whether it is to relieve an ailment or simply enjoy the convenience of CBD flowers, this variety will most certainly suit you.

What to know about this variety of CBD?

Orange Turbo is a variety Hybrid of CBD flowers resulting from the crossing between Orange Creamsicle and Turbo Diesel. It is suitable for people who are looking for a variety with a fruity taste and a moderate effect.

An excellent alternative to THC, it is also suitable for people who wish to use cannabis therapeutically.

The aromas and flavours of CBD Orange Turbo

With its fruity aromas and flavors, Orange Turbo is a great option for people who want to consume cannabis without being overly exposed to its psychoactive effect. Its aroma is alsosweet and citrusy as its name indicates.

With its lemon, orange and sweet flavor, it will delight your taste buds. With this CBD flower, you will enjoy a soothing and very tasty experience. We will see in more detail the effects of CBD Orange Turbo.

The effects of CBD Orange Turbo

CBD Orange Turbo is a rather special variety. Indeed, this flower is endowed with a low dose of THC (0,17 %) making you enjoy pure and balanced cannabis with a light euphoria. With its 11.5% CBD content, Orange Turbo has very beneficial properties for the human body.

This CBD flower can help you to relieve your anxiety problems, relax your muscular tensions or even open your appetite. In addition, it is quite effective against certain diseases such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, sleep problems ...

You can even combine CBD Orange Turbo 11.5% with essential oil of grapefruit. The resulting mixture can be used to give a good massage in order to remove daily stress.

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