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Résine CBD Black 18% CBD - 5G
Résine CBD Black 18% CBD - 5G

Black CBD Resin 18% CBD - 5G

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At the heart of Resin Black is 18% CBD. Truly prized by hash enthusiasts, this black ré variety is available in its CBD wellness version! With many terpenetic therapeutics, the composition of this resin makes it equally suitable for novices and experts, without psychoactive effect. Indeed, rest assured; for everyone, without exception, can benefit from its many therapeutic virtues without having to suffer some side effects.

How can you not succumb à such a product when you are fond of strong sensations ?

Easy to use, the Résine CBD Black allows you to reach a state of pure relaxation, without any effort. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and pleasure, with a product that is both powerful and delicious. Its high cannabidiol content, as well as its light and citrusy flavors with a hint of citrus, make Résine Black a CBD favorite! The CBD Black Résine that gets you going fast without inconvenience!

The amazing benefits of Black 18% CBD – 5G Resin

It's oily, super easy to shape texture as well as its compact size make CBD Résine couldn't be more convenient to consume or carry. Stemming from a Swiss agriculture respectful of European standards and produced without chemicals or pesticides, it is a product of incredible quality. It has a longer shelf life, as with all highly concentrated products.

Extracted from the hemp plant, this rubber of CBD possesses a dual action. Not only is it an excellent support for regulating neurological disorders such as stress, memory tension and anxiety attacks, but it also impacts physical symptoms such as pain and inflammation. The premium quality of the product allows all those who want to find the arômes of the best hashish to retreat while doing good morally and physically.

CBD and THC levels in resin Black With 18% cannabidiol, this classic of the genre is particularly sought after for its almost immediate relaxing effects.

Thanks to its high concentration in cannabinoïdes, this black resin possesses a beneficial action on stress as well as on pains. It is therefore ideal for relieving physical and mental pressure in a gentle and natural way.

The black resin has a beneficial effect on stress as well as on pain. Also, with less than 0.2% THC, the risk of addiction is 0 and you are also complying with the law.

Since the decree of 30 December 2021, CBD products must have a THC content that does not exceed 0.3%. Gain quality of life without compromise!

The best way to consume and store Black CBD Resin 18%

The different ways of consumption In vaporization, inhalation or infusion, it is consumed according to your desires of the moment… And if you have the âme of a chef, you can just as well add it à your small dishes simmeredés.

Be careful to choose a dose low enough at the first use: 1 à 2 grams of CBD resin per preparation will be more than enough. However, for greater effectiveness, we recommend that you use CBD Black Résine as an infusion or inhalation in advance, using a vaporizer or a bong.

You'll maximize your CBD vaping experience at a temperature of 210 degrees C. Please note that the CBD vapourizer is not intended to be used in the home. To infuse it, pour water that has been pre-warmed into a container containing the resin. Since CBD is fat soluble, you will also need to add a fat (milk, oil etc.).

Let it steep for about five minutes and then enjoy your drink! Store your Resin Black as long as possible As with any other cannabidiol-based product, it is advisable to store your CBD ré sine in a cool, dry place, away from light. UV-resistant glass jars with a sealed lid are the best.

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