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Fleur de CBD Banana Kush Indoor

CBD Banana Kush Flower Indoor 15.4 %

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CBD rate
15.4 %
THC levels

Presenting a tropical CBD flower, Banana Kush

Unquestionably one of the most legendary varieties of cannabidiol flowers, this indica-dominant hybrid is as comforting as it is indulgent!

It's harvested at maturity from plants resulting from hybridization between a Skunk Haze and a Ghost OG. Although it leans more towards the indica side, you'll also enjoy a lovely energy that it gets from its sativa heritage.

Rich in cannabidiol at 15.4%, Banana Kush flower boasts a rather harmonious profile, which explains its success with a fairly wide audience.

You'll be immediately transported to tropical islands if you breathe in its fragrance, somewhere between marked sweetness and fruity pleasure, tinged with citrus aromas.

The sharpest smellers will detect peppery notes, giving the product all its character. With its fresh banana scent, sweetness and a hint of sweetness, Banana Kush instantly soothes you to take part in your mind's escape.

This CBD flower is the perfect complement to your CBD flower.

This CBD flower is like a dessert that lends itself perfectly to late-night ambiences. It's a real treat that's highly prized by enthusiasts looking for a natural solution to stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain and everyday aches and pains.

The benefits of Banana Kush CBD flower

Banana Kush is a naturally farmed flower. No chemical treatments, additives or other enhancers have been used. What's more, its THC content of less than 0.3% makes this product totally legal and compliant with European standards.

This also means it's not psychoactive, and you're unlikely to experience any unpleasant side effects. With its 15.4% CBD content, this strain stands out for its powerful soothing and relaxing effects.

Thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it also promotes muscle relaxation and the relief of joint and bone pain. Banana Kush also helps combat problems of insomnia, anxiety and stress, thanks to its relaxing and anxiolytic virtues.

It's an ideal plant for getting rid of the little worries of everyday life. It is effective in treating chronic and acute nausea, as well as motion sickness. Banana Kush CBD flower can also soothe the symptoms of certain pathologies such as Parkinson's or if you suffer from tremors or even epileptic seizures.

How to use Banana Kush Indoor

There are several ways to eat it. Among the healthiest are infusion and vaporization.

Infusion:You can infuse your CBD flowers for fifteen minutes in boiling water containing a lipid body such as milk, cream, vegetable oil or butter. We recommend you consume your herbal tea in the evening, thirty minutes before going to bed.

Vaporizing: To benefit more quickly from the effects of cannabidiol, you can vaporize your flowers. To do this, get a quality vaporizer that you heat to around 180°C.

In culinary preparation: As a last resort and if you feel like it, you'll have plenty of time to add a little Banana Kush to your favorite recipes.

Always start with low dosages (between 0.2 and 0.5 grams) and gradually increase. Don't forget to add a fatty substance when cooking to activate the active principles of CBD.

Storage time for CBD Banana Kush flowers

To keep without losing quality, please store in an airtight container, away from light and humidity. You can store them in the original packaging, which is a hermetic pouch provided for this purpose.

Stored in optimal conditions, your Banana Kush CBD flowers can be consumed for around 6 months.

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