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White Widow CBD flower (14.4%): the delight of a mystery

White Widow CBD flower (14.4%): the delight of a mystery

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Focus on the White Widow CBD flower, a legendary variety full of mystery Although its origin is mysterious, White Widow is still and always one of the most famous varieties in the world of cannabis light. This enigmatic flower arouses the curiosity of the followers of the hemp plant and that is not about to change... It is in fact all these secrets that have greatly contributed to its universal success, until becoming a real legend! Attractive and damn intriguing, this cannabidiol flower has elegant buds of a dark green color, which in turn have trichomes oscillating between red and orange. The amazing benefits of White Widow CBD flower Containing less than 0.2% THC, this is a perfectly legal plant that meets current European standards. This also means that White Widow has no psychoactive effects and is unlikely to cause you to experience any unpleasant side effects You'll enjoy its unique, herbal and earthy scent, reminiscent of the pine forest as well as the earth, enhanced by soft fruity notes Let's not talk about its knockout smell, which is spicy, sweet and woody In the mouth, you will find an atypical taste with flavors of lemon as well as a little amber and incense with aromas of exotic fruits With a high CBD equal to 14.4%, it will give you powerful but not excessive effects for all that Thanks to its perfectly balanced profile, with 50% De Sativa and 50% Indica, this flower is ideal not only for beginners but also for experts. Taste the power in harmony This product will make you experience a feeling of relaxation and physical and mental soothing Fight against stress and anxiety from the anxiolytic powers of White Widow. Relaxation and relaxation are at the rendezvous His analgesic properties make it capable of reducing your chronic or occasional physical pain. How to consume and store White Widow CBD flower The best ways to consume in terms of performance and health are as follows: Inhaling/vaporizing To vaporize your White Widow, please use a specialized quality vaporizer that you heat to 180°C The infusion To infuse the CBD flower, put some in a bowl filled with boiling water containing a fatty substance, like butter, cream, milk or vegetable oil because cannabidiol is lipophilic. Ingesting Incorporate a little of this product into all your small dishes, starting with low dosages (1 to 2g per dish) that you will gradually increase according to the desired effects. Do not forget the fat. To keep it without losing quality, please store it in an airtight container, away from light and moisture.

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