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Résine CBD Afghan Gold 23,1% CBD - 5G
Résine CBD Afghan Gold 23,1% CBD - 5G

CBD Resin Afghan Gold 23.1% CBD - 5G

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CBD rate
THC levels
delivers an earthy fragrance as well as herbaceous and slightly woody notes.
Very strong

Printing of CBD Afghan Gold (21.3%) Afghan Gold resin is actually made by rubbing cannabis flowers in the hand or on a tamis. What makes it different from other hash is that it is a cannabis plant resulting from a long cultivation process but also from crossing.

The goal of the cultivators here was to obtain a hybrid à very high content of CBD. Mission accomplished! This special variety of CBD also has the added feature of being coated with gold foil to accentuate the high-end effect it is given.

What benefits will you get from your consumption of Resin CBD Afghan Gold?

Advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as for people who are already pregnant, this resin has multiple therapeutic virtues that can contribute to your physical and mental well-being.

It acts in particular in terms of Relief of anxiety and anxiety attacks Relaxation and stress reduction Pain reduction Sleep regulation and improvement Amelioration of cardiac health Reducing inflammation Preservation of the totality of the aromatic bouquet.

Recognizable among a thousand, the scent of the Afghan Gold resin is sharp and deep! With a THC level below 0.2%, this resin is above all in compliance with current European laws.

How to store CBD resine to prevent it from drying out and fading?

It is imperative that you store your resin in an airtight jar to protect it from heat and moisture. And yes, a well maintained and preserved product will last longer, while remaining fresh.

Indeed, it will contain more molecules and flavors. On the contrary, when a CBD resin is misplaced, it will become unusable and will have to be replaced.

How to consume the Resin CBD Afghan Gold 23,1 % without damaging it?

To get the most out of all its flavors and benefits, it is highly recommended that you consume the resin as an infusion or vaporization. Just be aware that the primary mode of consumption of résine is inhalation to the help of a vaporizer to 210°C.

The effects of inhalation appear more quickly than by ingestion (with doses of one to two grams per inhalation) for example, but they also disappear more quickly…

The CBD Afghan Gold has been made in a compact format and placed in a metal box, easy to transport. It then becomes both an attractive and equally discreet option. Finally, its taste in the mouth delivers a earthy scent as well as herbaceous and lightly woody notes.

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