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Résine CBD Amnesia Haze 20% CBD - 5G
Résine CBD Amnesia Haze 20% CBD - 5G

Amnesia Haze CBD Resin 20% CBD - 5G

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It has a woody fragrance and a slightly spicy taste

Round up on the Amnesia Haze 20% CBD Resin

Don't miss out on this well-curated version of the popular and sought-after Amnesia Haze. Having won the Cannabis Cup several times, the Amnesia Haze variety is now coming to the CBD as a resin! Unmistakable and inimitable in terms of effects and flavours, Amnesia Haze is as well known to long-time enthusiasts and followers, as it is to novices.

It possesses a woody aroma as well as a lightly spiked taste that is quite recognizable and unanimous among amateurs as well as true connoisseurs.

The hemp flowers used for the renewal of Amnesia Haze are organically grown, without chemicals or pesticides. These obviously contain less than 0.2% THC, as required by current European standards.

The very compelling effects of Amnesia Haze CBD Resin 20% Cover all the benefits on the body and mind of CBD résine: It has extremely powerful anti-pain, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.

Are you suffering from stress or anxiety?

Consuming cannabidiol can help you recover by fighting and regulating your emotions. Say goodbye to parasitic thoughts! Well used, CBD can also help you become more pleasant, optimistic, motivated and up for accomplishing life's daily tasks.

Calmness and serenity are at the rendezvous; The Amnesia Haze resin also comes to your aid regarding your physical ailments since it réduits the past or chronic pain, at the level of bones, muscles and joints. It rés your body without disturbing anything else, à the image of your cognitive functions.

The olfactory profile of Resin Amnesia Haze 20% - 5G

A strong sativa dominance, this variety is born from a hybrid mix between Amnesia and Haze. It is ideal for anyone who wants to recapture the flavors of the iconic variety!

Light and delicately scented, this resin comes with a powdery texture and a perfect balance of flavors. Its natural and powerful aroma is expressed in a beautiful, vivid scent combined with notes of pepper and lemon. While Amnesia's unique scent remains powerful, it is very smooth on the palate and allows you to enjoy the full range of flavors in this resin.

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