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Résine CBD Pollen 15% CBD - 5G
Résine CBD Pollen 15% CBD - 5G

CBD Pollen Resin 15% CBD - 5G

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What you need to know about CBD Pollen 15% CBD Resin - 5G

Indispensable in the world of CBD, the CBD Pollen 15% Ré and very appreciated by the followers of cannabidiol-based products because of its rather atypical profile.

With a light beige color and a characteristic scent reminiscent of the flavors and sensations of cannabis in its raw state, it has not finished surprising you! culture of the hemp.

This means that it doesn’t contain any pesticides or chemicals. In addition, its THC content is less than 0.2%. It is thus perfectly legal and does not risk to feel psychoactive effects by consuming it.

Why consume CBD Resin (15%) with Pollen - 5G ?

Naturally present in the plant of hemp, cannabidiol is a molacute offering its consumers multiple therapeutic benefits. In fact, a large number of users love it for : His relaxing and anti-stress properties.. His anti-inflammatory action . His analgesic effect and its ability to reduce chronic pain.

His role as a regulator of our body (it has the power to balance the emotions, the appeacute;tit, the sleep or even the mood). In other words, the CBD contained in Pollen Rootseed with 15% CBD can help you relieve insomnia and get you back to a deep and restful sleep but that's not all;

It will also be a great ally when you are going through difficult times, managing both physically and emotionally by bringing you great relief. Enjoy all these benefits without any negative side effects. THC, which is a psychoactive substance, is solely responsible for the soporific effects associated with cannabis consumption.

What are the benefits of a 15% CBD concentration

This CBD resin with Pollen is an incomparable product because you only need to consume a very small amount to feel the full power. You will enjoy an intense relaxation in every moment of relaxation that you will allow yourself, while keeping your product for a long time.

With its easy and practical format, you will have no trouble handling it! Experts or novices, you'll have a blast with it.

Our best tips for storing and consuming 15%

CBD Pollen Resin The safest and healthiest way to consume this CBD résine is through inhalation and ingestion. For the inhalation, you will only need to own a vaporizer.

Have it heated up first and set the temperature to 210 degrees. With this method, you will benefit from quick but short soothing effects. Get yourself a quality device to inhale healthy and controlled steam, without tobacco or combustion. It's a great way to get rid of stress and tension.

By ingestion, the first effects will take longer to appear but will diffuse for a longer period of time. To incorporate CBD into your eating routine, simply add small pieces of crushed resin to your sweet or savory recipes, or even your drinks.

Start with a low dosage of about 1 gram per culinary preparation. For storage, be sure to place it away from light and moisture, in a sealed package.

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