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Triple filtered CBD resin 79%.

Triple filtered CBD resin 79%.

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Triple Filtered is a popular resin with desirable characteristics. In addition to its popular flavor profile, this variety of CBD resin has an extremely high cannabidiol content. It will fully satisfy the lovers of quality hashish.

At the heart of triple filtered resin

Triple Filtered CBD resin has a light brown appearance on the surface, but darker on the inside. The creamy, sticky texture in the hand of the hash is a testament to its high terpene concentration. Its appearance is similar to that of a gum, but it crumbles quickly when crushed. The triple-filtered resin is therefore both soft and compact.

Also, the way to use this product is very simple. Just infuse it or spray it. For those with a sweet tooth, it is possible to consume the triple filtered resin by incorporating it directly into your meals. As regards vaporization, it is enough to make heat the resin at a high temperature using a vaporizer. This is a particularly effective technique for releasing the active ingredient and flavors contained in the product.

If you wish to infuse, you will need to combine your drink with a fatty compound to facilitate assimilation. In case you prefer to consume the resin in solid form, simply add it to your dishes. In spice form it will give unique flavors to your dishes.


The triple filtered resin has a very fruity aroma. In fact, despite a long filtration process, this hashish retains its pine notes and citrus flavors. This variety of resin is composed of approximately 70% of CBD and a low level of THC (0,12%). This will allow users to enjoy the benefits of this product without experiencing any psychotropic effects.


If you want to consume the triple filtered resin over a long period of time, it is advisable to store it well. You can use an airtight jar or parchment paper. You also have the option of packaging your triple filtered resin in a bag. For an optimal conservation, avoid exposing it to the light or to the open air so that it does not oxidize. Also make sure to keep the product in a dry place. It is recommended not to exceed the shelf life of this product. This one is six months after opening.

The benefits of triple filtered CBD resin

Triple filtered resin is rich in CBD. It is therefore in high demand for its various therapeutic effects and effectiveness. It is recommended in cases of intense stress and fatigue. These anti-inflammatory properties are very useful to soothe the pains. In addition, it reduces insomnia in people suffering from sleep disorders. The relaxing effects of the resin also help to fight against fatigue. This resin also has many benefits on the psychology. It strengthens motivation and acts effectively against depression.

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