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E liquid CBD Booster 10 ml Greeneo

E liquid CBD Booster 10 ml Greeneo

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The e-liquid booster or nicotine booster is a vial that contains concentrated nicotine. By adding this solution to your e-liquid, you get a higher nicotine level. Dosing through the booster is very convenient, as the amount is controlled.

At the heart of E-liquid Booster

The booster promotes the addition of nicotine to an e-liquid that does not contain it. Indeed, according to the Tobacco Products Directive or TPD, liquids of only 10 ml (and less) can be marketed nicotined. However, a liquid of 50 ml will be sold only in milligrams of nicotine. A solution has been put in place by manufacturers to nicotinate e-liquids over 10 ml. Moreover, the PDT has stipulated that the capacity of the booster is limited to 10 ml and that the maximum dosage of nicotine is 20 mg. To know how to boost its e-liquid, it is essential to estimate its consumption needs beforehand.


The composition found in a classic e-liquid and a booster has no great difference. Indeed, a vial of booster includes vegetable glycerin or VG that allows to produce the steam, propylene glycol, CBD isolates and nicotine. Some times, the composition may include flavors. The most obvious difference is that a booster is composed of a perfectly dosed rate of nicotine. With a concentration of 18 to 20 mg / ml of nicotine, you can nicotine e-liquids of 10 ml, or even more.


Protect your e-liquid booster from air and heat in order to retain all of its qualities. To keep your product airtight, simply decant the contents when the bottle is opened. You fill the new container to the brim and close it tightly. Ultraviolet radiation is also an enemy of your e-liquid booster. Under their effect, nicotine breaks down. To cope with this, store your product in a dark room (a cellar, a cellar, a garage, a closed cupboard, a cobalt bottle or amber glass, a box with its lid). Heat is not your booster's friend. Ideally, you should place your bottles in the refrigerator. If you follow all these instructions, it is possible to keep your booster for about two years. Obviously, it all depends on the minimum durability date mentioned on the label.

Benefits of ready to booster e-liquid

There are many benefits that come from ready-to-boost e-liquid:

- An ease of use: in one minute, you can make your nicotine e-liquid, which is not possible with DIY (Do It Yourself).

- A special taste: you have the opportunity to enhance your e-liquids by taking advantage of the therapeutic properties of CBD.

- A pleasant vape: the vape does not irritate the throat, since it is pleasant despite the presence of nicotine. The need of each vapoteur is therefore easily achieved.

- A relaxing effect

- A relaxing effect: with Booster e-liquid, you can enjoy the soothing effects of the cannabidiol molecule by eliminating possible aches.

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