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Cartridge Pod 5% CBD CHOCOLOCO - 0.75ml

Cartridge Pod 5% CBD CHOCOLOCO - 0.75ml

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Plant of Life

Electronic cigarettes are designeds in an effort to simplify vape for users with'e-liquid cartridges. These cartridges of'e-liquid cant have different capacities. One of its e cigarette cartridges Pod CHOCOLOCO.

This is a branded cartridge from Plant of Life containing a blend of 50 % vegetable glycerin and 50 % propylene glycol. It has a unique feel with an unmistakable flavor.

Cartridge BenefitsPod 5 % CBD CHOCOLOCO -0.75 ml

The Podwith a 5 % CBD chocoloco is a simple product to use. The Pod Chocolocooffers full spectrum CBD thanks to the CBD molecules that'it contains.

Indeed, the e chocolate CBD liquid effectively satisfies and provides a delicious flavor to the mouth. Ebeing manufactured to satisfy a maximum of vapors, it contains no carcinogens, no chemical residues and does not'have any psychotropic effects.

In other words, it does not'have any negative impact on the nervous and cardiovascular system. In addition, the Pod Chocolocois convenient, very easy to use and can be vapotagede daily.

The chocolate flavor and vape freshness that this product provides allows smoking cessation. The freshness of vape and the taste come from natural terpenes from plants.

The use of the cartridge Pod 5% CBD CHOCOLOCO -0.75% ml

Everyone's desire is to know how to use the product they have. For this reason, the Pod 5 % CBD Chocolocois very ssimple and easy to use.

Dofrom now on, for any user, it is recommended to'opt for certified cartridgesJuul. So, in order to refill or change your cartridge, it would be important to follow a few paramount steps to avoid damaging it'.

It is then sufficient : to the'help of'a small flathead screwdriver to remove the plastic cap  remove then gently remove the silicone cap. It fits over the tank and serves as a lid  then replace the cartridge or simply pour in the e-liquid that suits you then, close the tank with the cap by reassembling the'assembly of the parts Simply refill or change your cartridge by following its steps.

Legal Product Character

No more worries about'purchasing and'cartridge usePodChocolate. In France, a law has been put into effect making the sale and'use of CBD legal since 2019. For this reason, this product can be usedwithout concern.

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