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WATERMELON Pod 5% CBD Cartridge - 0,75ml

WATERMELON Pod 5% CBD Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Plant of Life

The Pod Cartridge WaterMelon is a product of the brand Plant of Life, fromsignede especially For e-cigarandtes Plant of Life. This product is convenient and easy to use. The CBD contained in this product is authentic and allows you to enjoy of the feels of pleasure and good-be Searches.

Why choose Pod cartridges WaterMelon?

The cartridges WaterMelon offernt a combination ofFlavors from terpenes and watermelon for a flavour unique and authentic. It is an adaptable capsule of 0.75ml of capacity with 5% of CBD. The product comes from a full extraction Spectrum to CO2.

With 50% of VG and PG, The cartridges WaterMelon are flavoureds from terpenes naturals and its compatibility with vaporizers Juul. The e-liquid contained in cThe cartridges provifrom the consumer with a stunt d’emotions and feels relaxings. The fruity aroma watermelon is what attracts vapers.

How to use the cartridges WaterMelon

To fully enjoy the experiences of feeling of pleasures tenfold, It is recommenfromd that Juul certified cartridges are used. The consumer can however fromcifromer to recharge its e-cigarandte with another liquid.

Here are the steps to follow por recharger its e-cigarandte with Pod cartridges. Remove the hood from plastic Ôter fromlicately using a flathead screwdriver, the tip of the screwdriver is above of the cartridge CBD WaterMelon Then you will have to remove the cap from the silicone in which is contained the Tank. More will consist of to complanfrom the cartridge of your e-liquid WaterMelon.

Apply the doitsge according to the effects and according to the profile of vapersfrompending on whandher you whandher you are a beginner or experienced.

It will be necesitsry of coursement watcher not to exceed the filling limit. à the end of theoperationyou must go back up all the parts. à assistance an absorbing papertclean the e-cigarandte and enjoy-in. However, it is necesitsry specify that the cartridge WaterMelon and as well as most cartridges Pod by the way, are in full sealeds.

Infromed, thiss cartridges have not been fromsignedes to be rechargedes or for the e-liquid be replaced.

Legal nature of the product.

Pod cartridges WaterMelon are sold in strict compliance with the standards European. Infromed, CBD is legal in France since 2019. This product can therefore be consumed legally and without concern.

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