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E-liquide CBD Mango Haze Greeneo

E-liquid CBD Mango Haze - 10ml

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All types of e-cigarettes
CBD concentration
Available in 3 strengths 100mg | 300mg | 500 mg

Mango CBD E-liquidHaze, is a new line of E-liquid produceds by the brand Greeneo. It is a fruity blend based on mango and composed of the substances of a classic E-liquid. Presented, on the market in 10 ml format, it can be found in three different concentrations. Thus, we have CBD Mango E-liquids haze of 100 concentrations mg, 300 mg and 500 mg.

Mango e-liquid benefits haze -10 ml

With its unique blend of hemp and mango, Mango E-liquid haze, offers an original and unique flavor to its consumers. It is very appreciated, because it is designed without THC. It is a product designed with CBD and a licensed grade of hemp.

It should be notederthat CBD does not cause a euphoric state and is not a psychotropic (addictive) substance. Another advantage of CBD is that it is very well absorbedby thebody as a result of inhaling it. With its many concentrations, Mango CBD E-liquid haze is compatible with all types of cigarettes and vaporizers.

How to use your Mango gaze E-liquid

SniffingMango CBD e-liquidhaze with an electronic cigarette suiand specific instructions for use. First,you have to fill the tank of the electronic cigarette. Then remember to turn on the power button.

The rechargeable battery with a USB charger causes the heating of the resistance in the clearomizer. The resistance will soak in the e-liquid, causing the vaporization. It is recommended to use electronic cigarettes that do not cause immediate vaping of a significant amount of CBD.

The dosage according to the desired effects

It depends on the consumer. Indeed, there is no ideal standard dosage for everyone. However, for repeated use throughout the day, with a mild effect, consumers can use a dosage of less than 10 mg/ml.

For consumers looking for a strong effect with more or less spaced uses, it is recrecommendeda dosage adjacent 30 mg/ml. For occasional users who rarely use it, a dosage of 50 mg/ml or so would be more appropriate.

It is important to remember that Mango CBD E-liquid Haze from the brand Greeneo is a quality e-liquid that scrupulously respects the French legislation on CBD. It is therefore completely legal.

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