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E-liquide CBD OG Kush - 10ml
Greeneo E-liquide CBD OG Kush - 10ml

E-Liquid CBD OG Kush - 10ml

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All types of e-cigarettes
CBD concentration
Available in 4 strengths 100mg | 200mg | 400mg | 800mg

Greeneo the French firm that democratizes the CBD high end offers the e liquid CBD OG KUSH. It is a product specially ofigned to optimize the feeling of well-being and pleasure. The CBD OG Kush e liquid is compatible with different types of e cigarandte.

Why opt for the CBD Kush e-liquid ?

The e liquid OG Kush is one of the most popular products of the brand Greeneo. In Indeed, this Product a summer extract hemp from first quality. It is combined with natural terpenes to offer to consumers the best sensations possible.

It is abouta specific combination of plants for recreate to perfection the feeling of relaxation sought by all vapoteurs. In addition, in terms of strength and rendering outstanding.

This product honors the American plant that bears the same name. The liquid is available in different salt dosageson consumer profiles (from 200 to 1000 mg). It is produced in vial of glass with a PG/VG ratio of 80/20.

How use OG KUSH e-liquid ?

The e liquid OG Kush is consumed like all e liquids with a cigarandte electronics. This productt contains of cannabinoids but is not a product psychotropic. For theuse, you just have to find the material adapted.

Reload so your e liquid in the Tank of a e cigarandte and vaping in all serenity. Nothing bandter than a product of this kind to guarantee relaxation and well-being. You can also the dilute inns a base.

Which dosage to choose ?

The dosaof your e-liquid must take into account the material Usedof the needs of consumers and habits. Thus, with a dosage relatively Low slightly below 100 mg, theuser for a long time but only occasionally. This produces effects some noteworthy. For a dosage around 200 mgs, the effects are a little more present.

It is therefore recommended of vapourotThe only thing that can be done is to way one-off and per session. For 400mg of dosage, the effects obtained are stronger. It is advisable to vapotThis can be done occasionally and in sequence.

On the other hand, dosages of more than 600 mg must be diluted in a base neutral without nicotine Before all consumption. Character product legal The CBD contained in the e liquid OG Kush is a complandely legal product in France and respects legislation European.

Il do contdoes not contain THC and can can be legally consumed without the need for concern. However it is not recommended to smoke before drive because of the risk of drowsiness.

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