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CBD Tangie 13,1%
CBD Tangie 13,1%

CBD Flower Tangie 13,1% (in French)

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CBD rate
THC levels
Sativa, a cross between California Orange and a Skunk hybrid
citrus, orange, sweet
Magna CBD

CBD Tangie is a cannabis flower that is distinguished by its richness in CBD resin. It is known for its positive effects in relieving chronic illnesses such as inflammation, seizures and anxiety.

It can also help fight addiction. If you are looking for a CBD flower with aromatic flavours, theFlower CBD Tangie will meet your expectations with its citrus, orange or sweet flavours.

A powerful flower with exquisite flavours

CBD Tangie is actually a hybrid variety that comes from crossing other flowers. It gets its unique taste from the delicious citrus and tangerine flavours that come out of it.

Tangie CBD has a significant CBD content of 13.1% and a THC content of less than 2%. It is the richness of the Tangie flower in CBD resin that gives it beneficial properties on the body.

How to consume Tangie CBD?

Smoking CBD Tangie is actually harmful to your health because of the smoke that is released. Instead, it is advisable to opt for the vaporization method which requires a lower temperature.

This allows the active ingredients in the cannabis flower to evaporate instead of being burned. It is therefore a healthier and more effective alternative to burning.

You can also combine CBD Tangie with your culinary habit with some CBD flower based edibles (candies for example). Furthermore, infusing Tangie CBD in hot water or tea is also guaranteed to get the most out of it.

You can even brew this CBD flower into an herbal tea to which you can add milk or butter.

How do I dose Tangie CBD?

There is no ideal dose of CBD flower. As each individual's sensitivity is different, it is recommended to start with the lowest dose, about 0.5 to 20 mg of CBD per day.

You can increase as you go along once you have determined your tolerance level. Several factors must be taken into account to determine the appropriate dose: the discomfort to be relieved, the weight of the individual and the sensitivity to cannabis.

In addition, it should be noted that European legislation authorizes the consumption and sale of CBD flower as long as the THC level does not exceed 0.2%. So legally you have nothing to fear.

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