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CBD Herbe ACDC 13,2%
CBD Herbe ACDC 13,2%

CBD Flower Herb ACDC 13.2% (1)

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Hybide, child of the Cannatonic variety
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What is CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower ?

This CBD flower is a perfect hybrid between Indica and Sativa varieties, as it contains 50% of each. This balance gives it many relaxing properties for physical and mental well-being. Rather resinous in appearance, this flower has a green hue with amber highlights.

Trichomes run through its cover, accentuating its distinctive texture. CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower has an exceptional CBD content of 23%. It contains 0.18% THC, making it compliant with European standards requiring a content of less than 0.3%.

High in terpenes, CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower has a truly unique olfactory profile. Its fragrance is balanced, both gourmand and fine. In terms of flavor, earthy, woody notes blend with citrus and pineapple for a touch of the exotic.

CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower is ideal for CBD flower lovers who want to taste an amazing variety.

What's the difference between Indica and Sativa ?

The CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower is therefore a perfect blend of Indica and Sativa types. The Sativa variety originally grows in tropical regions or on the equator. It is taller than Indica, reaching up to 1.80m. It also has finer buds. This variety has stimulating and motivating properties. It also provides concentration when needed. Its flavor is fruity and light.

The Indica variety grows naturally at altitude. It has more relaxing and soothing effects due to its higher cannabidiol content than the Sativa variety. Indica's smell is stronger and has very recognizable woody notes.

What are the benefits of CANNABOMB CBD flower ?

Due to its 23% CBD concentration, CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower has strong relaxing effects. Consumed at the end of the day, it soothes away tension and reduces stress and anxiety.

It also provides muscle relaxation and helps release bodily tension. Consumed at least thirty minutes before going to bed, it helps to reduce the usual time to sleep, resulting in more serene, deeper nights of sleep.

When consumed early in the day, CANNABOMB Indoor CBD flower provides focus and motivation. This potent CBD variety can be consumed to relieve stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and most body pains.

What are the ways to consume CANNABOMB CBD flowers ?

To consume your Cannabomb CBD flowers and enjoy their relaxing properties, you can use them in cooking. For example, you can consume them in the form of a CBD infusion or herbal tea. You can also add them to your sweet or savory recipes. Don't forget to heat your flowers and add a fatty substance to activate CBD's active ingredients.

If you prefer to smoke, you can use a vaporizer to inhale vapors without danger to your health. This method delivers almost immediate relaxing effects.

How long can CANNABOMB CBD flowers be stored ?

Kept away from heat and humidity, your Cannabomb CBD flowers can be consumed for around 6 months. They are still edible after 6 months, but will begin to lose effectiveness and flavor.

To preserve the quality of your flowers, we advise you to store them in the original packaging, which is a hermetic pouch specially designed for optimal preservation.

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