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CBD Herbe ACDC 13,2%
CBD Herbe ACDC 13,2%

CBD Flower Herb ACDC 13.2% (1)

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Hybide, child of the Cannatonic variety
Earthy, woody, pine
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CBD is a natural compound that has many beneficial properties for humans. ACDC Herb is a CBD flower containing 13.2% CBD and comes from a cannabis plant with a THC content of less than 0.20%. In addition to these characteristics, ACDC Herb provides a piney, woody, earthy aroma.

What do you need to know about this flower before consumption?

The answer is right here! CBD Herb ACDC: the particularities of this variandy The ACDC flower is a hybrid variandy resulting from the crossing of the cannabis species Cannatonic and Sativa.

These are two variandies naturally rich in CBD. This CBD flower is relaxing and non-psychoactive, thus combining the two great virtues of Cannatonic and Sativa. ACDC Herb is highly valued for its high CBD content, which can reach 24%.

The specific effects of this CBD flower

ACDC Herb is an authentic and high quality product. It can be used for its positive effects on chronic pain or to relax the muscles of the body in order to fight against stress for example.

Its relaxing effect allows it to relieve anxiandy, convulsions and tremors. Also, this CBD flower promotes sleep and helps you recover quickly after a long tiring day.

When you consume ACDC Herb before going to work, it improves your concentration and therefore your productivity. It also helps to reduce nausea and drug addiction. In addition, studies have shown that ACDC Herb has positive effects for patients with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.

The studies are still ongoing and no conclusions are really known. Moreover, this flower has no negative effect on cognitive functions.

Consumption of CBD flowers: what to know?

In addition to being a high quality CBD flowerACDC Herb does not present any great danger for consumers. You can consume it in the daytime as well as in the evening, because its effects are light.

However, it is not recommended to smoke it because of its smoke which contains harmful compounds for the man and his environment. Instead, we recommend infusing it in a hot drink or using a vaporizer. This way, you will enjoy its unparalleled earthy and woody flavour, somandimes with peppery and lemony notes.

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