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Fleur de CBD Purple Haze 19,7% 10G

CBD Purple Haze 19.7% 10G

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20,7 %
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A closer look at the Purple Haze, a CBD flower with 19.7% Of indoor cultivation, the Purple Haze cannabidiol flower, which stands out for its purple color, was discovered in the 1960s and has been a great success ever since. It corresponds to a variety of the essential hemp plant, known for its floral aroma and original appearance. In reality, it is the result of a cross between a Dutch skunk and a Thai haze. The plant is a very popular choice for those who like to have a good time. Compounded of purple buds rich in both renewal and trichomes orange, it also possesses an important capacity of adaptation to the various méorological constraints. It is generally distinguished by its powerful and unique fragrance of fresh and ripe fruits. The taste of the fruit is very pleasant and pleasant. It tastes earthy and spicy, with fresh, tart and floral aromas set against a lavender background reminiscent of the scents not only of the forest but also of forest fruits. A light scent of red fruits also emerges from the flower. This is a cannabis flower light dominant sativa very pleasant to consume. The many benefits of Purple Haze 19.7% CBD flower The way it is grown indoors allows it to have a high CBD content so you can enjoy the amazing effects of a premium quality product. Its tees are known for their large size and high density. In addition, its characteristic color is the height of its atypical flavor This flower which is out of the ordinary and promises unique sensations, provides the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol without psychotropic effects. Indeed, its rate of THC does not however pass the 0,2% in order to guarantee you a legal consumption, in any safety Grâce à its unique composition and rich in CBD à height of 19.7%, you will be able to relax quickly and façon durable Particularly effective in terms of relaxation, it helps fight against stress and anxiety, but can also be consumed to improve general well-being If you suffer from chronic pain, Purple Haze CBD flower, which is one of the most potent on the market, will be your best ally In addition to being soothing, this CBD flower is able to stimulate brain activity to promote concentration and alertness, due to its energizing and stimulating properties Purple Haze ultimately relieves various pains as well as muscle tension. Conservation and consumption of Purple Haze, 19.7% CBD flower You can consume this CBD flower in two ways: either by vaporization or in infusion. To vaporize it, you will need to use a vaporizer of quality, which should be heated to 180°C. This way you will get smooth and healthy vapors. To consume it in the form of an infusion, it will be a matter of letting infuse a few grams of flowers for several minutes in boiling water. Think about adding a fatty substance such as butter or oil general, given that CBD is fat-soluble. Store your flowers away from air, light and moisture.

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