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Fleur de CBD Gorilla Glue Indoor (19%)

CBD Flower Gorilla Glue Indoor (19%)

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CBD rate
19 %
THC levels
Ripe Fruit: Pine: woody

-50 % de Remise

Focus on Gorilla Glue CBD flower Gorilla Glue is an incredible CBD flower with a higher level of cannabidiol than conventional CBD flowers. That is why it has an intense and powerful flower rutation, allowing its users to reach very easily a state of total relaxation and plenitude, between the well-being of the body and the appeasement of the mind. Gorilla Glue has large, fairly compact, light green and sometimes translucent buds, giving it its rather sophisticated appearance. In addition, its crystallized trichomes are filled with juicy rein. As a result, this is a flower that is as beautiful as it is powerful. Regarding its flavors, the CBD Gorilla Glue flower offers herbaceous flavors, common to cannabidiol flowers, with a little unique touch, characteristic of this variety. As for its taste, it is earthy combined with notes of coffee and diesel. It results in a combination of aromas vigorous and spicy that no other product comes to the market of the CBD flower in France. Why consume CBD flower Gorilla Glue 19%? With the Gorilla Glue, you access à a product saturated with active ingredients. Indeed, this sativa-dominant hybrid owes its name to the sticky resin that accumulates in large quantities on the scissors when cutting. Therefore, a small amount will change your mood and brighten your mind. This also means that this flower represents a very good value for money This product is known to help in the fight against stress and anxiety In addition to giving you the benefit of its multiple therapeutic virtues, Gorilla Glue is also interesting on the nutritional level. It will provide you with plenty of good nutrients (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids etc.) Perfectly suited to all enthusiasts who want to feel effects that last over time, the Gorilla Glue variety is a blend of Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel and Chem Sister. You are therefore in front of a unique and complete product since it will have benefited from the aromatic and therapeutic advantages out of the ordinary of each of the varieties that compose it Grâce à its rate élevé in CBD, this flower is provided with a set of active ingredients capable of relieving any type of pain It provides powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects Gorilla Glue can also calm your mind due to its deep-acting antiseptic and sedative effects Composed of less than 0.2% THC, this flower is legal and meets the European standards in force. How to consume and store CBD Gorilla Glue flower This flower can be consumed according to individual tastes and cravings. To consume it by vaporization, please bring a quality vaporizer, which should be heated to 180 degrees C. In infusion, put one or two grams of flowers in boiling water and let infuse for about fifteen minutes, also adding a fatty material, since CBD is fat-soluble. In cooking, you can add a dose égale à two grams per culinary preparation. Finally, store your flowers away from air, light and moisture.

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