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Résine CBD Charas 10% CBD - 5G
Résine CBD Charas 10% CBD - 5G

Charas CBD Resin 10% CBD - 5G

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it's smell is pronounced, including fruity and minty notes, spicy wood and earthy aromas

Presentation of Charas 10% CBD Resin - 5G

Made from hemp buds, this CBD resin is a superior natural organic product. Its name was given to it because of the variety of hemp from which it is derived. It is a unique derivative of the much prized plant for its unique and atypical aromatic bouquet from the Himalayas.

In other words, Charas CBD resin has a distinctive olfactory signature that reveals intense fruit and mint fragrances, with some lightly spiked woody notes as well as an earthy edge. The CBD resin has a very strong and distinctive aroma.

The thermal process used to develop this renewal extracts, from the freshly budded cannabis flowers, a CBD-rich liquid. The resin is then formed via a drying process.

It is then presented as a dark brown, very sticky and greatly malleable paste. The CBD is a very high quality product.

What are the benefits of Charas CBD 10% Ré - 5G ?

With a concentration of CBD that is a whopping 10%, this cannabidiol résine is suitable for both experts and the most novice of you. À both light and effective, it can quietly êuited to daily consumption.

Grâce à its relaxing and therapeutic effects, Charas CBD Résine can help you à decrease the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Due to its compact packaging, this product offers a higher concentration of CBD than oils or even flowers.

Since it contains very little THC (less than 0.2%), it is unlikely to expose you to any psychoactive effects. The only things you'll enjoy are relaxation, safety and pleasure, with no serious side effects or risk of addiction.

You can go with your eyes closed! In addition to acting on your mental and moral, the Résine Charas also has the ability to heal your physical. It reduces your pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory power and its analgesic action.

Goodbye chronic pain and internal inflammation… Produced without pesticides, without chemicals and from Italian agriculture, it is a product à to test urgently ! It améliore sleep by allowing you to fall asleep more quickly and sleep more serenely.

How to consume CBD Resin ?

Infusion, inhalation, vaporization or ingestion… Choose the mode of consumption you préf ! To inhale it, you will need to be equipped with a quality vaporizer.

Thus, you will have a controlled smoke, without tobacco or combustion ? Preheat it lightly by adjusting the temperature to 210°C. To ingest it, you'll need to wait about an hour before you feel the first effects, which will then last longer than with the previous alternative.

By opting for this method, you have the choice between different pleasures: smoothies, sauces, pastes, etc. Simply add a dose equivalent to two grams of resin to your dishes or drinks. Store it especially in an airtight package, away from light and moisture.

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