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Cannatonic CBD flower at 21.2%.

Cannatonic CBD flower at 21.2%.

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21,2 %
THC levels
Citrus pine
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Description of Cannatonic CBD flower

How can you resist this beautiful, high-quality flower with a more than pleasantly exotic taste? Proving to be the pioneering variety in the world of cannabidiol, this flower is widely appreciated for its roundness in the mouth as well as the harmony of its aromas.

You'll love its slightly earthy smell and fruity flavours. Visually, Cannatonic is gorgeous as it boasts beautiful hard, compact and perfectly manicured buds. Not to mention its powerful relaxing properties thanks to its exceptional 21.2% CBD content!

The benefits of Cannatonic CBD flower

Sourced from a large variety of 100% legal hemp, it has been grown under strict organic conditions, without pesticides or any chemicals.

Furthermore, it has been manufactured in compliance with current European standards and therefore contains less than 0.3% THC. This means you don't risk any undesirable effects due to the presence of psychoactive substances of which it is devoid. Its high CBD content of 21.2% will undoubtedly let you enjoy the many benefits of an unrivalled product.

Between relaxation and relaxation, you'll just have to let yourself go. Among its various therapeutic properties is its strong relaxing power.

Thanks to its relieving properties, you'll be able to let yourself go.

Thanks to its anxiolytic and soothing virtues, it will be able to relax you, while allowing you to fight against stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Consuming it will make you more dynamic and better focused throughout your day.

Its antioxidant properties help slow cellular aging and protect the cardiovascular system. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it allows you to naturally fight inflammation and pain of all kinds. Note that CBD can also help with smoking cessation.

Cannatonic CBD flower consumption methods

Infusion:To infuse your Cannatonic CBD flower, pour a little boiling water into a cup filled with a few flowers and a fatty substance such as milk, butter or vegetable oil. Then leave to infuse for 10 to 15 minutes.

By vaporization: Choose a good-quality vaporizer with the aim of fully experiencing the effects of this healthy and effective mode of consumption. Set the heating temperature to around 180°C to inhale healthy vapors.

In cooking: Add between one and two grams of flower to your culinary preparations, remembering to include a fatty substance too, as cannabis is fat-soluble.

We recommend you consume it preferably at the end of the day due to its high CBD content. This way, you'll enjoy an unparalleled moment of relaxation.

Cannatonic CBD flowers shelf life

To preserve them without losing quality, please store them in an airtight container, away from light and humidity. This will preserve the effects and flavours of your Cannatonic CBD flowers for around 6 months.

For ease of use, we recommend storing them in the original packaging, which is a hermetic pouch provided for this purpose.

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